Wednesday, January 30

A Different Kind Of Beauty

Pretty psyched to find this at Sephora. It's difficult for me to find a nice color lipstick that I think I could wear on normal days. And this seems like a nice company (food-grade lipstick anyone?).

(thanks M & N for the gift card!)

Tuesday, January 29


Kohei Nawa at The Met

Opposite the deer is this diptych of cranes. Not the usual elegant cranes but these look silly and awkward.

This eagle made out of iron as well as this raven that I failed to take a picture of. Luckly the Met has a really nice website with most (all?) of the artwork documented.

Monday, January 28

Okay, It's Cold Now

Since the last time I posted, it's gotten really cold, like a proper NYC winter. Layer as much as possible and hope for the best! It is invigorating, but inhaling ice/snow melting chemicals all day can't be good for me. Also, my already dry hands and body and hair are worse from taking long, hot showers.

Actually though, I find it easier to get dressed when it is this cold, as opposed to when it is 30˚~40˚F. I tend to "take risks" when it is more mild and I end up more cold than when it is actually freezing.

Sunday, January 13


It's been a mild winter so far (pictures from Maine, so it doesn't count). I'm kind of worried about whether February will be brutal or, if this is just the way it's going to be from now on (unpredictable/unusual weather?). It's supposed to be a high of 63˚ tomorrow. Crazy, right?


Meet my nephew!

Thursday, January 10

2012 Shoes In Instagram

Apparently, I like to take pictures of my shoes.

Wednesday, January 9


I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Happy New Year and here's to more blogging!!