Monday, March 18

Tokyo 2013: Instagram

I'm still trying to work out a photographing system where I take pictures with my phone and Instagram them but then take more serious photographs (whatever that means) with my real camera (Lumix GF-1 or Nikon FM2). Intsagram has been winning, as I have mentioned before, but it's definitely not as satisfying as a real photograph.

It's so easy though and when you need to be covert or quick, there's nothing better.

Someone said that the best camera is the one you have on you. Well, I'll take that further and say the best camera is the one that you can take out & snap a picture quickly.

In Tokyo, there were so many places that said "no photography" in stores, restaurants, etc.

I obeyed the rules, but our last day, I kind of lost it and gave a coffee shop a hard time.

If my Japanese was better I would have really laid it on them about how their whole aesthetic, if that is what they are worried about, was a total USA/NYC/Brooklyn/Willamsburg copy and don't worry, I'm not going to take their interior design idea and take it home and copy. We are chock full of old-tyme/artisanal/americana.

Though sometimes you need restrictions to give yourself some guidelines, some rules, right?

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