Sunday, March 10

Tokyo 2013: Food

Hotel breakfast

Golden Brown (recommended by Chieko)

Sajilo Cafe (recommended by Tommy)


Rose Bakery at Dover Street Market Ginza

Down The Stairs

Coco Donuts (recommended by Chieko)

Harajuku Gyoza

Margaret Howell Cafe

Rokurinsha Ramen in Tokyo Station

UA Cafe

Maisen at Hikarie

Tsukada Farm with Chieko and Hiroshi


Johan in Mitsukoshi Ginza

Excelsior Cafe

Curry Up

Ivy Place




Wm said...

Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip. It sounds like it really stuck with you and is hard to shake - in a good way. I hope you'll post images of any souvenirs/clothes you bought!

yuko said...

Thanks Wm! Yes, I need to have a sunny day to photograph my purchases. Hopefully this weekend.