Wednesday, August 21

Arts & Science 2013 Spring Summer

Apparently, I never posted these. Wants/desires from Arts & Science earlier this year.

Arts & Science 2013 Fall Winter

Can't bring myself to post this on my tumblr. Just doesn't seem proper enough. I'm still in love with Arts & Science. Can't wait to go back to Japan, just to browse/shop at Arts & Science and eat at Down the Stairs.

Wednesday, June 5


Summer's here. Or, maybe I should say summer was here. It's a bit cool tonight (63˚ currently). I look forward to summer all year round and now that it is here, what to do?
Travel, of course, but it's kind of nice to stay in the city while everyone else is away. I just went back through flickrs daily theme pictures and there are some really wonderful places that I would like to see, but probably won't get around to it. Not that high on a priority list? Although I wish that I could just drop everything and travel the world. Is that everyone's dream? I'm not really sure I would be able to do it, but I did enjoy our road trip a couple years ago. Longest vacation to date and most sites visited in a 2 week time period.
But, there are so many places to explore that are near by. Here's to a happy summer!

Thursday, March 21

Tokyo 2013: Purchases

The shopping is endless. There are so many more things that I could have/should have bought. Why? So many things made with care, in small batches, with some serious attention to detail and, most importantly, only available in Japan. For example this Champion hoodie. Purchased at the Nanamica store. It is a cotton/wool blend, brass double zipper, and a perfect fit. I am pretty sure this would be impossible to find in the states.

Men's buttondown from Beams. Okay, I could probably find this here, but again, not sure if I could find this fit. This and the Champion hoodie are both Mens size small.

Le Yucca's shoes from Shoes & Things. On my list of things to look out for in Tokyo was Le Yucca's shoes. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to see them at Shoes & Things, but I was. I also tried on some A&S shoes, and now regret not getting them.

Arts & Science bag from Shoes & Things. I had been good up until this point to only buy one item from a store at a time. This broke that promise, on the second day.

Daniela Gregis stuff. Floral blouse purchased from Journal Standard Luxe. Denim dress purchased from Comme des Garçons. Is it possible that this denim dress was made specifically for CdG? (I was kind of surprised to find other brands at the store.) I noticed after buying these two items that there is a small hole on both sides, just above the pockets. What is that for?

Black jodhpurs from Comme des Garçons.
Paul Harnden Shoemakers coat from Quarterly. I actually had to walk away and think about this before purchasing. It's kind of perfect.

Sacai Luck cardigan from Dover Street Market. Wandered around the entire DSM complex thinking I should get something. Since I never made it to the Sacai store (regret!) this was a good purchase. Though, this is borderline Tokyo-distortion-field purchase, where something seems perfect and totally practical in Tokyo and you get back to NYC and realize it's a little too wacky and/or cute!

Polka dot denim bag and denim jodhpurs from 45rpm in Hikarie. 45Rrpm collecting continues. We also went to a 45rpm sample sale. It was nuts. Somehow I thought, being in Japan, people would be civilized. Nope! Sample sale crowds are universally the same. For a glimpse, check out Josh's Vine and mine.

Silk dress from Arts & Science Marunouchi. I never made it to the Aoyama store and keep thinking about what I missed out on. I bought this dress as a sort of consolation. I actually wanted to get the blouse version but it had a strange stitching flaw on the shoulder. In my desperation, I considered still getting the blouse. This is when I need to just walk away. I bought this dress instead.

Obento box from J-Period in Omotesando Hills. Not sure what I will use this for. Every now and then I open up the cardboard box this is stored in and just inhale. Totally worth it just for this. Smells like Japan.
Arts & Science Steamcream and cookies purchased from the Daikanyama store. I wanted to get a pair of jodhpurs they had, but they were too small for me. The store staff told me they would get a stretchy version the day we leave Tokyo. I tried to figure it out in my head if I could make it to the store and back to the hotel to catch the bus to the airport. I think I could have done it, but ended up not trying.

Until next time!

Monday, March 18

Tokyo 2013: Instagram

I'm still trying to work out a photographing system where I take pictures with my phone and Instagram them but then take more serious photographs (whatever that means) with my real camera (Lumix GF-1 or Nikon FM2). Intsagram has been winning, as I have mentioned before, but it's definitely not as satisfying as a real photograph.

It's so easy though and when you need to be covert or quick, there's nothing better.

Someone said that the best camera is the one you have on you. Well, I'll take that further and say the best camera is the one that you can take out & snap a picture quickly.

In Tokyo, there were so many places that said "no photography" in stores, restaurants, etc.

I obeyed the rules, but our last day, I kind of lost it and gave a coffee shop a hard time.

If my Japanese was better I would have really laid it on them about how their whole aesthetic, if that is what they are worried about, was a total USA/NYC/Brooklyn/Willamsburg copy and don't worry, I'm not going to take their interior design idea and take it home and copy. We are chock full of old-tyme/artisanal/americana.

Though sometimes you need restrictions to give yourself some guidelines, some rules, right?