Wednesday, September 19

Where To Begin...

I went the entire month of August without one blog post and I'm feeling very guilty. I need to get back on this horse, or just give it up entirely.
Instagram has ruined blogging for me but at the same time, blogging brought me to take more pictures. Would I have ever bought the GF1 or the FM2 without my blog?
Besides, I've kept it up this long (since 2005). I can manage a blog post here and there.

So, time to do some catch-up.
These pictures are from our summer vacation at Montauk, at the tippy tip of Long Island. I was happy sitting on the beach all day while Josh bodyboarded. Seems so long ago now (we were there mid-August). It's now cool weather, light jacket weather, which I welcome, because I have many light jackets to wear.

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