Wednesday, September 26

Head Warmer

I'm not looking forward to a cold winter, but I bought this head warmer that I cannot wait to wear. I don't want to look ridiculous, but can I wear this soon? I can kind of pretend it is a helmet of sorts, so if I fall, my head will be protected?
By the way, yes, I will be taking all photographs for the time being on my furry rug!

Hey There!

Tuesday, September 25

Saturday, September 22

Sports Nonsense

I've lost faith in the Red Sox for this season. Go Orioles!!

Thursday, September 20

Food Recently

Steamed blue crabs from S. DiPaula & Sons in Baltimore
Fish and potatoes at Frej
Kusama pancakes at Untitled in the basement of Whitney Museum
Chicken pot pie take out from Dean & Deluca
Naengmyun at Kum Sung Chik Naengmyun
Pasta cooked in our room at East Deck Motel in Montauk
Taco at Smorgasburg. I cannot remember the name of this food vendor.
Fried sardines from Bon Chovie at Smorgasburg
Hot dog on the streets of Toronto
Chili dog and cheese fries at Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington DC
BBQ ribs from The Tender Rib at the Baltimore Grand Prix
Poutine at Bannock in Toronto
Smoked meat sandwich at Mile End Sandwich Shop
Tonkatsu dinner set at Ootoya
Homemade dinner in our room at East Deck Motel in Montauk
Dinner grilled on the patio in Toronto
Breakfast at the Park Hyatt Washington DC
Ice cream sandwich at the Baltimore Grand Prix
Desserts at North End Grill
Toasted almond gelato at Soma in Toronto
Blueberry soup dessert at Blanca.

Wednesday, September 19

Where To Begin...

I went the entire month of August without one blog post and I'm feeling very guilty. I need to get back on this horse, or just give it up entirely.
Instagram has ruined blogging for me but at the same time, blogging brought me to take more pictures. Would I have ever bought the GF1 or the FM2 without my blog?
Besides, I've kept it up this long (since 2005). I can manage a blog post here and there.

So, time to do some catch-up.
These pictures are from our summer vacation at Montauk, at the tippy tip of Long Island. I was happy sitting on the beach all day while Josh bodyboarded. Seems so long ago now (we were there mid-August). It's now cool weather, light jacket weather, which I welcome, because I have many light jackets to wear.