Friday, June 29


I am iron deficient, close to becoming anemic, so I've been told. I was suggested to go see an eastern doctor. So, I did and $500 later, came home with four large paper bags filled with a carefully blended "tea" of over 40 herbs. Mind you, herbs is a loose term for what looks like weeds, roots, tree bark, powder-covered who-knows-what, and other detritus. Boil with three cups water, that didn't even cover the surface of the herbs, simmer for 30 minutes until reduced to one cup and drink. BLAAAAAAAH.
Needless to say, it tastes horrible. Like the worst thing I have ever tasted. So strong, so thick, so bitter. Well, that wasn't the worst of it. I was dizzy and out-of-it for two whole days. Apparently this is normal. What? yes... so, I'm trying to drink more of it... maybe 1/4 cup a day. I'm not sure if this is going to 'cure' me... or even help a little. The doctor mentioned other ailments he sensed within me (by feeling the pulse on my wrist), but ultimately he said that I was there to improve the quality of my life. Yes, I am, but does it need to involve drinking gross brown-green sludge?


Joana said...

I don't know whether you're a vegetarian or not, but if so, that could be the reason why you have an iron deficiency. I'm a bit anemic too (only found out because I wanted to donate blood and they wouldn't let me). Maybe you could try to add some iron-rich foods to your diet instead of drinking this (sorry) horrible-looking tea.

On a completely different note, I absolutely love your photos.

yuko said...

@Joana I am not a vegetarian and have been trying to eat more iron rich foods, beef mostly. Though my doctor told me that food can only supply a small amount of iron and ultimately I should take a vitamin supplement.

Thank you for the kind words!