Monday, May 28

Space Program

Currently at the Park Avenue Armory is the Tom Sachs Space Program exhibit. I was ready to hate it....
... but found it impossible not to smile. I was walking around in amazement and joy. So much fun!
Things crudely made, but made so well. I am a sucker for things that are "made well".

This Weekend: Cars

I went to check out the Gumball 3000 start at Times Square on Friday.
The usual chaos of Times Square multiplied by the presence of crazy cars and spectators.
Mock photoshoot with Josh's new cars!

Last Weekend...

The weather has been up and down. Wearing my Engineered Garments vest hoodie quite a bit.
Looking up at the Frank Gehry Beekman Tower. Looks nice up close: shiny and new.
Ikea ferry to Red Hook. I love these old warehouse buildings more than the shiny and new.
Juice box at Ikea. This reminds me, I really want to go to Sweden!
Ferry home.

Friday, May 4

First Frieze

Yesterday I went to Frieze New York on a small island in the East River.
Plenty of mirrored surfaces to do self-portraits.
This was one of my favorites.
The best food I've had at a fair... Roberta's pizza!
Helping with some art protection.