Tuesday, April 24


Taken from an Artforum article.

Friday, April 20

Favorite Food: Ochazuke

My favorite food, what I can eat anytime day or night, what I eat when I am not feeling well, what I eat when I have nothing else to eat, is ochazuke. Basically rice with tea (or could be broth) poured over. It is a luxury to have this at a nice restaurant and I do this whenever it is offered (not common). It's the perfect end to a meal, or the perfect meal. It's not the healthiest nor the most nutritious of meals. It's basically a vehicle for me to eat umeboshi, another favorite.

Thursday, April 19


On top of not getting tickets to any of the eight shows that Kraftwerk is putting on, I think they tried to brainwash me on Sunday.

Repetitive visuals coupled with trance-y music in a dark dome in the middle of the day seems suspicious, right?

For whatever reason, I thought it was a good idea. It ended up being just weird. And coming out of the dark dome into the bright, but slightly overcast day, surrounded by strangers gave us flashbacks of going to day raves. Urgh.

Nostalgic For The Road Trip

It was a very cool, crispy morning. I was talking on the phone with my boss, while Josh snapped these photos. Dealing with work made the experience of being in the middle of nowhere Montana that much more surreal. It was difficult to convey to my boss where I was, what I was looking at.

We had only left New York four days before, but I felt like I had seen so much already and forgotten everything about my life back home.

It was beautiful.

Monday, April 9


The weather has been really, well, spring-like. Perfect for walking all over.

Walking is my only form of exercise but I find that with good weather and good music to listen to, I can walk a lot.

I walked over 4 miles on Saturday, and who knows how much, wandering around Central Park on Sunday.

I took a break and stepped inside ABC Carpet & Home. I forget about all the nice things they have here.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter holiday!

Saturday, April 7

Pink Everywhere

Sorry I've Been Absent

I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with Sherlock.