Tuesday, November 29

Shoes 2011 (As Seen Through The Eyes Of Instagram)

Prada elastic platform sandals

Church's studded brogues

Yuketen pink suede from Madewell

Margiela clog boots

I think I am getting one more pair this year. So, five pairs of shoes... not too bad, right?

Sunday, November 27


Thinking about Tokyo

Cherishing my Poilâne spoon cookies.

Embellishing with Bunney badges

A hat purchased from Paris... still waiting for the weather to get colder so I can actually wear this!

New clothes...

New earbuds!

And this put a smile on my face! (thanks N & M!)

Saturday, November 26

iPhone 4S

This happened this weekend. I always wanted the white iPhone and I was intrigued by Siri. All I had to do was drop my phone and voilà!

Tuesday, November 22

I ♥ Chicken Pot Pie

I don't get to eat them as often as I would like. I could make this, but then I would end up eating chicken pot pie for several days straight, which kind of ruins the joy. And it's hard to find a good chicken pot pie to buy... but I found one at Dean and Deluca!!

Sunday, November 20


We marched in the Occupy Wall Street November 17 protest across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a chilly night.

It was nice to see so many people out, so many different ethnicities and ages, but everyone together for a common cause.


I am a hoarder of shopping bags. My closet is full of them. It is very difficult for me to throw something like this away. I very rarely use them again. I just like to keep them, knowing that they are there.

Monday, November 14

Japanese Italian

On Friday, we went to Basta Pasta, a Japanese Italian restaurant.

Where the staff greets you with an "Irashaimase!".

Food was delicious. Carefully prepared, as we could see in the open kitchen, in the middle of the restaurant.

Light, but not straying too far from the original Italian dishes.

Wondering when I can go back...

Sunday, November 6

(So Far) This Weekend

The weather is beautiful!

Fifth Ave Apple Store is now fewer panels of glass. A little scary, but breathtaking.

Looked at some artwork (actually just looking at my reflection)

Ate some good food.

Wednesday, November 2

Winter In Autumn

This past Saturday was unbelievable... I was chuckling to myself all day, basically.

I Want

...a new dress from 45rpm.

Tuesday, November 1

More From Paris

You didn't think I wouldn't include a picture of the Eiffel Tower did you?

Apple Addict?

I am surrounded by computers. Only one is mine (top of the stack) the rest are Josh's (iMac in background and second Air), hand-me-downs (old Macbook Pro), or broken and needs fixing (white Macbook). We actually have a couple more scattered around the house; an old G3 tower and a Powerbook... or is it a Macbook Pro? Also, we have an iPad (first generation) that I haven't used in months.

Why, you may ask...well, I live with someone who likes to collect things, and I like to buy things. It's a dangerous combination!