Friday, October 28

Food In Paris

I didn't have any macarons this time around. Staying on La Rive Droite this time around made for a more variety of foods. I prefer the Droite side. The area I stayed in was crazy with Japanese restaurants. I ate at one (no picture). It wasn't very good. C'est la Vie.

A burger from H.A.N.D. (have a nice day). Funny name for a restaurant. Burger was good, perfectly cooked.

At Rose Bakery. Wanted to eat here again. Did not know that the location in the Marais is open on Sundays. Ended up getting a Crêpe at Breizh Cafe.

And finally, dinner at Le Dauphin. Amazing place.

Art Art Art

Brancusi studio at the Pompidou. Kind of an amazing little place. I just happened to walk by when it was open (only open 2pm to 6pm).

At the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature. Interesting exhibition where an artist took over the entire museum and scattered his work all over the place, mixing in the with old stuff. I forget what this is called (does it have a name?) but I like it. These dish shaped prints were really cute.


Wednesday, October 26


I know the French like their mushrooms but this is a little out of control, right? Or, is this a spaceship?

A mushroom dish at Le Dauphin. Delightful, strange, unexpected... Le Dauphin was thrilling, and for the first time I felt truly excited to be eating in Paris. More pictures to come.

Friday, October 21

À Bientôt

Have a good weekend!

Monday, October 17

Sunday, October 16

Sunday At The Met

I love this beautiful moon rising screen. The black moon is tarnished silver leaf. Can you imagine what this must have looked like with a nice bright silver moon? I kind of like it with the black moon, very ominous.

The other one I saw earlier this year with the black moon was still on display as well. They are great together.

Weekend Outfits

I'm loving my new Uniqlo merino wool mens cardigan. I like the feel of the cashmere ones, but they pill-up so quickly. And there's a nice crispness with the merino wool, cashmere looks too fuzzy sometimes.

Saturday, October 15

The Other Day

An amazing sunset. So few of these. There's nothing like the New York skyline lit up at dusk with an orange sky.

Nail Comparison

Human vs. Cat

Friday, October 14

Photograph By Tony

Amazing picture with his Rollei, at the Redwoods. I'm not sure if digital photography will ever be as beautiful as a good black & white medium format photograph.

Portion Control

Two bite brownies from Whole Foods.

Monday, October 10

Sunday, October 9

Bye Bye Steve

I am sad about the death of Steve Jobs. It's hard to explain why, because I obviously never knew him and he seemed like a difficult person. But, what brilliance, what charisma, what vision.

I hope that Apple can continue without him.

Sunday, October 2

Saturday Vs. Sunday

Rainy, dark, depressing

Blue sky, bright, happy!

Hope you had a good weekend!