Tuesday, May 31

Wednesday, May 25

Monday, May 23

Elephant's Trunk Flea Market

This past weekend, got up at very early to go to the flea market. Why are these things so early in the day?!

I wish I had taken more pictures, but alas, I was too sleepy and freezing cold to even think about it. (We got there a little after 7am and it was very overcast and low 50˚)

Breakfast Lunch at 9:30am.

Last years visit.

Sunday, May 22

Shiny Ball

I really want one of these. This one was plastic, but I'd like a nice glass or metal one. Or, whatever was at Casa Luis Barragán in Mexico City.

Thursday, May 19

Hawk Watch

Trying to catch a glimpse of Violet and baby in a very high window at the NYU Library. I saw her hawk tail, I think.

Also, watching the Decorah Bald eagles and babies.

Baby birds are kind of awkward in the juvenile stage (as mentioned here before) but I can't stop watching these live streams! It's amazing to be able to watch this kind of nature, live, in the comfort of my home.

Sunday, May 15

Back To Film

It's been awhile since I've taken photographs with my film camera. It's nice to get back. It makes me take my time, and not be so crazy about trying to document everything. Plus the 'letting-go' aspect of a film camera is exactly what a control-freak like me needs from time to time!!

Wednesday, May 11


I've been taking more pictures with my iPhone, mainly Instagram. I've also been carrying around my film camera around instead of the Lumix and I've been lazy about getting the film developed so there aren't any new good/real photos.
Here are some Instagram favorites. I try not to use the "Earlybird" filter too much. I like the X-Pro II and the Walden as well.

Wisteria Pergola in Central Park (built in 1863!)

At very pretty Karmann Ghia

Preparing for a very long road trip this summer

Hanging out with a Weimaraner

Delicious New Haven style pizza

Wednesday, May 4


I'm in one of those brooding/dark moods. The weather (was warm, now cold and rainy) has got me wanting to just crawl in bed and sleep for days, maybe weeks. Will it be warm in June or maybe July?

Luckily, I just bought a black DRKSHDW vest to keep me looking good during these dark times. We've also been listening to a lot of Soundgarden thanks to Cornell U.