Sunday, March 27

How Many Quilts?

Not thinking much about this, I casually walked into this show... it's only up for a week and it's free, so, I'll just take a peek and go on my merry way....

I was stunned... I was not expecting this!

They were hung in an enormous, dark room.

They looked like they were just floating in mid air. It was a photographing bonanza!

There were 650 quilts! It was overwhelming, and I need to go back tomorrow!

(If you cannot make the show, there is a free iPad app.)

How Many Lip Balms Do I Have?

From left to right:

Fresh Sugar Rosé - this one is in my bag with me at all times and used all the time. I am almost out, so I am not sure what will replace it. Maybe the same thing?

Nivea A Kiss Of Moisture - on my dresser. Used at mornings and evenings. Almost out of this one too. I think I will replace with the exact same thing. In fact, I think I already have one on stand by (see previous post about my overbuying).

Yu-Be Lip Therapy - On a table where I am mostly sitting at in the apartment. Used infrequently, but sometimes goes missing (Josh likes to take my lip balms).

Jurlique Love Balm Rose - I just got this. It does not have a specific place (yet), so it will float around and very quickly become lost.

Saturday, March 26


Josh brought back a bag of oranges from his and Nate's whirlwind trip to Florida.

I love oranges. These oranges are not the best of quality (I believe most Florida oranges are used to make orange juice). But, if I segment them, they are quite delicious!

I call this orange soup!

Wednesday, March 23

Did You See The Supermoon?

It looked a little squished to my eyes (top to bottom). It could have been my glasses though.

By the way, the Manhattan Bridge is very pretty! I didn't think much of it, until I walked up 1/3 of the way, and stood at the suspension tower.

These lights remind me of an old theater marquee sign.

Although treacherous (bikers speeding by, and dark areas for ghosts to hide), I was happy. I need to make more of an effort to explore this city.

Tuesday, March 22


I went to Central Park over the weekend to see if spring had in fact sprung.

There were traces of green on a weeping willow and the lawns were covered with new green grass, not sure why.

But really, all I found were these crocus (croci?) and these little yellow flowers on a tree. Pretty, yes, but I want more!

Friday, March 18

What's The Matter?

It's been tough to get back in the swing of things. My thoughts are constantly on the events in Japan. I find myself just staring at my twitter feed for any little bit of good news. It's been heartbreaking.

Everyone have a safe and happy weekend!

Saturday, March 5

Not A Mouser

Am I really living in an apartment with this ferocious beast and a family of mice? How is this possible?

The Beginning Of The Fun Last Night

Joel having a breakthrough.