Thursday, January 27


Hey, it's winter and it's snowing! I'm happy, although I wish I were a kid, had the day off school and could go sledding!

Walking with my trusty boots.

Trees bent over from the weight of the snow.

The snow was beautifully trapped on branches.

Wednesday, January 26

Coping With Winter

It's snowing outside (maybe 10" more) and I can hear thunder(?) ... but it is 80˚ in the apartment and I'm eating ice cream.
To be specific, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Earl Grey tea flavor.... yum.

Tuesday, January 25

Ice Skating

I went ice skating last weekend. It was dangerous, but I managed to not injure myself too bad. Just some bruising on my knees! It was bitterly cold out (20˚F) but it was lots of fun. The only other time I've ice skated was once when I was maybe 10.

I'm not sure why I got so many blurry/bokeh pictures, maybe my camera was unhappy because it was so cold. Anyway, I like the effect!

Thursday, January 20

Wants and/or Needs

It's been awhile since I've wanted something really badly from APC. This is it. I want this. So perfect, simple and so APC.

Picture from

You can see my other wants and/or needs at my Tumblr.

Tuesday, January 18

My Favorite: Hello Kitty Plate

I don't think I've written about this plate, have I? Anyway, it's my current favorite. I felt silly buying it at first, but it really is a versatile plate. Perfect for toast and for small snacks at home. The only problem is that it doesn't stack well with my other plates. It kind of needs a spot on the shelf all to its self.

Monday, January 17

Cold Blue Winter

It's been so cold and windy here, but the skies are the bluest this time of year. It's a toss-up, I guess.

Scaffolding mesh almost the same color as the sky makes the sky look so synthetically blue!

Saturday, January 15


I've gathered up some real treasures lately. Made by friends (except the last item, although I'd like to think of the folks at 45rpm as my friends!), it is very comforting and joyful to wear handmade, beautifully crafted things.

Bracelet from FAUX/real

Sheepskin tippet from The Beautiful and the Good

Cashmere poncho from Badou-R

Tuesday, January 11

The DJ Prepares

@blaksquirrel getting ready for

Eating Styles

On Sunday I ate:

breakfast: Toast with butter and honey and half a bottle of Ronnybrook Farm Honey Vanilla yogurt
lunch: Dim Sum at The Golden Unicorn
dinner: Carrs Rosemary crackers with salami

Not exactly healthy, but I get some points for variety, right?!

Sunday, January 9

Keens Steakhouse

I love steak and it's not often that I get to go to a steakhouse, but in the past month, I've been twice to Keens. Coincidentally, I've been watching Mad Men and it is a place they go to have their business lunches and dinners. I love living in New York City for this kind of thing!

Saturday, January 8


It's fun to go to Maine and wear our outdoorsy clothes the way they were meant to be worn: in a forest.

But to be honest, the rugged outdoors feels dangerous to me and I'm not cut out for it. (At night, it is so quiet and dark outside, I imagine all sorts of creatures, ghosts, whatever, hiding in the woods!)

This is where my lens cap was lost. Can you see it?

A cliché bench in the woods, right?

Monday, January 3

Hey 2011

Back from Maine. Happy New Years everyone!