Wednesday, September 14

Roadtrip: Style

I was told I was allowed 30 lbs for my belongings on this trip (my bag weighed 35lbs.). This was a very difficult trip to pack for. We were planning on chilly weather (50˚F ) and up to 110˚F! I basically wore variations of 3-4 outfits the whole time and I did laundry (for everyone) after one week. Here is a sampling of my outfits!

South Dakota Gas station style

James Perse sweatshirt
FWK polkadot shorts
J.CrewXQuoddy chukka
Roberu×6SHiKi camera strap
Vintage bandana
Salt glasses with Transitions lens

Rainforest style

James Perse sweatshirt
45 rpm dress
Opening Ceremony X Deyrolle silk scarf
Wolford tights
StaerkXQuoddy ring boots

Route 66 style

Daniela Gregis shirt
Levis cutoffs
Antipast socks
J.CrewXQuoddy chukka

Kentucky caving style

Uniqlo J+ puffer jacket
Chinos that I do not know the brand of (tag says "Pants")
Fog Linen Work knee high socks
J.CrewXQuoddy chukka
Opening Ceremony X Deyrolle silk scarf

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