Monday, September 12

Roadtrip: The Highlights

I saw so many amazing things... not all part of some national park. But, these were the greatest. All the tired & hungry feelings would disappear once surrounded by this natural beauty. We managed to see these things without too many other tourists (something everyone had warned me about). I guess we were lucky? Also, these places are so large, it was easy to find a quiet area where you could enjoy it by yourself. I was often more uneasy about the solitude than the crowds.

Badlands National Park

Devils Tower

Yellowstone National Park

Olympic National Park

Oregon Coast


Grand Canyon

Monument Valley

Arches National Park


thisisnaive said...

Love the tree-hugging picture. I am jealous and envious and everything in between!

yuko said...

@thisisnaive Thank you! The tree was so soft, I wanted to bring some moss home with me!