Tuesday, September 27


I spent most of the weekend watching baseball. And trying to fix my cough/congestion.

The weather was mostly warm and humid... really humid! But this beautiful sunset happened.

Went to see a friends exhibit at the Swiss Institute.


Sunday, September 25


Kind of like buying three (2.5?) Jackets in one (or 1.5). From Nepenthes.

Beautiful gray wool tweed on one side and nylon quilt on the other. This satisfies my craving for a Lavenham jacket and the polka dot side... well, how can I resist? And I think I've mentioned in the past, my love of mis-matched hoods...

With the wool side on the inside it's a bit itchy, but i'll just have to wear a silky shirt underneath... Now to get the perfect silky shirt...

Saturday, September 24

More Pens!

I've only started using one, the top one which is a nice rosey color, with opaque ink.

All from JetPens.

Tuesday, September 20

Over The Weekend

Cooked some pasta

Ate some pizza at Co.

I realize that we eat a lot of Italian food. In fact, it may be the most common type of food we eat. Why is that?

Josh's sandwich at the New Amsterdam Market

I tried to figure out why this building looks fake. The intricate design is three dimensional, but doesn't it look like trompe l'oeil?

Saw a window cat!

Friday, September 16

I ♡ JetPens

My current everyday pens at work. Pretty dull except the Kuru Toga (constantly rotating-lead mechanical pencil) and the Frixion (amazing erasable ink). Everything except the Sharpie is from JetPens. I just bought some new ones that I should have soon!

Wednesday, September 14

Roadtrip: Style

I was told I was allowed 30 lbs for my belongings on this trip (my bag weighed 35lbs.). This was a very difficult trip to pack for. We were planning on chilly weather (50˚F ) and up to 110˚F! I basically wore variations of 3-4 outfits the whole time and I did laundry (for everyone) after one week. Here is a sampling of my outfits!

South Dakota Gas station style

James Perse sweatshirt
FWK polkadot shorts
J.CrewXQuoddy chukka
Roberu×6SHiKi camera strap
Vintage bandana
Salt glasses with Transitions lens

Rainforest style

James Perse sweatshirt
45 rpm dress
Opening Ceremony X Deyrolle silk scarf
Wolford tights
StaerkXQuoddy ring boots

Route 66 style

Daniela Gregis shirt
Levis cutoffs
Antipast socks
J.CrewXQuoddy chukka

Kentucky caving style

Uniqlo J+ puffer jacket
Chinos that I do not know the brand of (tag says "Pants")
Fog Linen Work knee high socks
J.CrewXQuoddy chukka
Opening Ceremony X Deyrolle silk scarf

Baltimore Grand Prix

Two weekends ago, we went to Baltimore to see the inaugural Grand Prix! It was a lot of fun and very noisy!

A glimpse of a race car, through two layers of fencing! Check out Der Wolfsburg Rennsport for more proper photographs.

Pre-race preparation. I think this was all staged!

Pizza afterwards at Johnny Rads

Back In New York

I spent many, many hours scanning, organizing and editing my roadtrip photos. You can see them all here.

After eating pretty unhealthy food for two weeks straight, I needed to detox with some rice and Japanese plum.

But I couldn't resist going to the newly opened Ladurée shop!

And of course it's SOOO good to be back with Sherlock!

Monday, September 12

Roadtrip: The Highlights

I saw so many amazing things... not all part of some national park. But, these were the greatest. All the tired & hungry feelings would disappear once surrounded by this natural beauty. We managed to see these things without too many other tourists (something everyone had warned me about). I guess we were lucky? Also, these places are so large, it was easy to find a quiet area where you could enjoy it by yourself. I was often more uneasy about the solitude than the crowds.

Badlands National Park

Devils Tower

Yellowstone National Park

Olympic National Park

Oregon Coast


Grand Canyon

Monument Valley

Arches National Park