Sunday, July 31

Tuesday, July 26

Reflections (Narcissism)

... in a Sherrie Levine mirror

... fighting the overwhelming reflections of New York City streets (real and art)

... in the iridescent windows of Balenciaga

... in a mirror screen in an antique shop.

Sunday, July 24

It's Hot!

It's hot, we bought an air conditioner, and Sherlock is hogging all the good spots. Oh, and I made him a cheerful Elizabethan collar, cute right? Surprisingly, he doesn't mind....

Sunday, July 17


Saw the last of the Harry Potter movies. I am very sad.

Came home and discovered that Sherlock had licked his stomach raw. Bundled him up in a cat straight jacket.

Woke up the next day to see he had easily taken it off!

Filled out a jury form.

After several minutes of searching, found the perfect socks to wear with my ring boots for this summer heat (low but slightly visible).

Waited an hour to eat hiyashi chuka at Totto Ramen. Why did I think there would be no wait on a Saturday at 2pm?

Baked by Melissa cupcakes: small and very easy to eat but a little gooey and not quite 'cake-y'.

Take out from Dean & Deluca: meatloaf and potatoes. Delicious!

Saturday, July 16

Thursday, July 14

I ♡ Watermelon

I really have to hold myself back from not eating the whole fruit. I've never tried, but I think I could do it. And, I'm not talking about those little round ones... I'm talking about the real large ones.

Wednesday, July 6

Wild Cats

This one we've named Ginger. I think she is the leader.

There's another cat in there...

There you are! This one Josh has named Turbo. Because he was hiding inside of a car (near the engine) in the garage. Silly kitty!

Tuesday, July 5

Last Friday

We had dinner at Roberta's

What did me in.

I felt light headed soon after I finished my dinner. I really should not drink alcohol, even if it is complementary and it tastes like a cola. Pizza was delicious though!