Thursday, June 30

Gaze Upon You With Such Clarity...

Outside at Hauser & Wirth.


Wednesday, June 29

Tuesday, June 28

Looking Forward To: BBQ

I'm looking forward to some Kansas City style barbeque to be precise.

From Saveur

Sunday, June 26


I overheard someone say that these coverings over the rails on the Highline are pigeon-proof. Is it the shape? The shiny-ness?

Tuesday, June 21

The Queens Kickshaw

I decided this place was so good (and so close to my house!) that it deserved another visit and a post all its own.

Again the cold brewed iced coffee. I had two this time.... I could probably drink like five.

Fontina/mushroom/pesto on focaccia and egg & cheese.

The fact that this place is a quick bicycle ride away makes it perfect. I can't wait for the weekend so I can go again!

Monday, June 20


Breakfast (lunch? brunch?) at Queens Kickshaw. With cold brewed iced coffee... yum.

Another coffee at Vandaag (pour-over Tim Wendelboe Kenya, I think)

Ending the day with an Aperol spritz with a slice of California navel.

There are so many coffee shops/cafes opening up... it's impossible for me to keep up.. and this is coming from someone who likes to keep on top of this kind of thing. Frustrating? Yeah, because I want to try them all, but I can only handle so much caffeine in one day.... The artisanal/specialty aspect of it all is pretty ridiculous, but in a good way. I'm loving it. I'm happy to have more choices than the local bodega coffee or Starbucks.

Friday, June 17

Mutant Strawberry

This kind of grossed me out, but I cut it up and ate it. I don't think it tasted as good as the more 'normal' looking ones. I think the taste was diluted over the large-size berry.

Thursday, June 16

Highline Part 2

North half of the Highline is now open. Part one opened 2 years ago (see here). Wow, how time flies.

It's nice. I like the north half better. I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible this summer.

Monday, June 6

Christmas Dinner

Never too late to have a Christmas dinner! Nate and Melody took us to Fette Sau last weekend. (Thank you!!)

Sorry, not actual pictures of the food we were eating... too busy eating and too tasty (and messy) to get my camera out. This is the best BBQ in NYC, right?

Sunday, June 5

Comme Des Garçons Archive Sale

Three (four?) weekends ago was the first ever archive sale for New York. I am not sure where they kept all the clothes, it must have been boxes and boxes in a warehouse!

A lot of it, as you can imagine, was pretty weird and not "day-to-day" wearable. But, I did manage to find this corduroy Junya Watanabe X Lewis Leather motorcycle jacket from 2004 and at 75% off, this was a deal!

Saturday, June 4


I got up early (for a Saturday) and headed to Kava for some breakfast.

They have not one but two of those fancy La Marzocco Strada espresso machines!

I was tempted by the croissants

But ended up getting a poppyseed muffin. Very soft and fluffy!

Then, work time, but first...

Photo session with a weimaraner!

Lunchtime at Dickson's

And relax time at Hudson River Park.

How was your Saturday?