Friday, April 15

Mexico City, Part One

I am always nervous to travel, especially by myself, but I fight through the fear. To add to that, I was weary of the taxi situation in Mexico City, but catching a taxi at the airport couldn't have been easier, or less expensive (US$17 for a far distance + no tipping).

I met Josh at the hotel and quickly went out for a bite to eat.

These were the sloppiest tacos ever. And just to give you that 'slap-in-the-face-you're-in-a-foreign-country" feel, the one man making these tacos was using his bare hands to scoop up the pork-soupy mixture onto the tortilla. They were delicious.

Then dinner later.

Food was good (not great) and we all got a kick out of the review printed in the menu from the New York Times from 1968! I wasn't sure whether to be impressed that it's been around that long or concerned that they didn't have more recent reviews...

I really wanted to take this spoon, but I didn't. I thought I would be able to find something like this to buy at some market, but never came across anything like this.


Faux said...

nice pictures!makes me hungry!!!!

yuko said...

Faux: Thanks!! Food was delicious, but in a way, dangerous!