Saturday, April 30


I realize I should have taken off the lock for the picture... I was being lazy and also not quite sure I could get it back on the way it was. Everything about this bike takes some practice.

Today I was practicing pedaling while standing. I was able to do this for short periods of time without feeling like I was going to lose control. Accomplishment!

I am already thinking about getting a new seat. I like this Brooks one.

I also want a low front basket like Audrey. (photo from Rides A Bike)

Thursday, April 28

Swans Island Blankets

I want one of these. I debate this every time the seasons change and when our current duvet is getting too warm or not warm enough. Which do you like?

More options at Swans Island Blankets

Tuesday, April 26

Winter Into Summer

I don't think I will ever get used to the seasons here in the east coast. Crazy brutal winter gets slightly milder in March/April but still needing a winter jacket and then BOOM! it's summer where you can't even wear a light jacket, it's just straight to short-sleeve or no-sleeves, from wool leggings worn under pants to shorts and sandals.

I'm not complaining really, especially because it is finally warm! and, I got a bicycle!! (more pictures later)

It's a British bike made by the Dunelt Company. It's a pretty bike. It was chosen for me by Tony. I had no idea what I was looking for when we went to the bike store. I was initially attracted to the 80's style road bikes but this older one (from 1962) suits me much better.

I spent last Sunday with Josh and Tony and we biked to the Brooklyn Flea. It was fun and I was relieved that I was able to ride (I was secretly a little worried about whether I would be able to have the strength and the nerve). I am looking forward to my next day to ride, probably over the weekend if the weather is nice.

Wednesday, April 20


A (surprisingly) successful shot with the Impossible Project Silver Shade PZ600.

Saturday, April 16

Mexico City, Part Three

During the day: Climbing pyramids

Night time: Wandering around a beautiful house and party in the jungle out back.

Mexico City, Part Two

I spent a long time at the Museo de Arte Popular. What can I say, this is totally up my alley.

I like how the one skeleton is helping the other one get onto the big skull.

The most amazing Tiger Mask!

I was hoping to see some piñatas but, I didn't. Is it an American-made up thing?

I almost died when I saw these clothes. There's got to be a store in Mexico City that sells this sort of thing...

Friday, April 15

Mexico City, Part One

I am always nervous to travel, especially by myself, but I fight through the fear. To add to that, I was weary of the taxi situation in Mexico City, but catching a taxi at the airport couldn't have been easier, or less expensive (US$17 for a far distance + no tipping).

I met Josh at the hotel and quickly went out for a bite to eat.

These were the sloppiest tacos ever. And just to give you that 'slap-in-the-face-you're-in-a-foreign-country" feel, the one man making these tacos was using his bare hands to scoop up the pork-soupy mixture onto the tortilla. They were delicious.

Then dinner later.

Food was good (not great) and we all got a kick out of the review printed in the menu from the New York Times from 1968! I wasn't sure whether to be impressed that it's been around that long or concerned that they didn't have more recent reviews...

I really wanted to take this spoon, but I didn't. I thought I would be able to find something like this to buy at some market, but never came across anything like this.

Tuesday, April 12

I'm Back!

I was in Mexico for a few days but now I am back. Don't believe the hype about the crime in Mexico City, but do believe the hype about being careful of what you eat.

I felt sort of like this little artifact, with my insides exposed.

Luckily I was fine the whole time I was in Mexico, but just started to feel sick on the airplane back. I'll post more about the trip, as soon as I feel 100%.

Monday, April 4

Better Times

I was going through a scanning frenzy and came across this: an autograph from Charlie Sheen.

Sunday, April 3


Toast + egg

LCD Soundsystem at Terminal 5, Fourth Night

It was an epic night. Kind of felt more like a rave than a live concert. It was unfortunate that we couldn't go to the final one at Madison Square Garden, where I blogged about here. I can't complain though. I am writing this as I am listening/watching the live stream of this MSG show!

And before LCD, Shit Robot performed:

And Shit Robot with Nancy Whang performed this excellent song: