Sunday, March 27

How Many Lip Balms Do I Have?

From left to right:

Fresh Sugar Rosé - this one is in my bag with me at all times and used all the time. I am almost out, so I am not sure what will replace it. Maybe the same thing?

Nivea A Kiss Of Moisture - on my dresser. Used at mornings and evenings. Almost out of this one too. I think I will replace with the exact same thing. In fact, I think I already have one on stand by (see previous post about my overbuying).

Yu-Be Lip Therapy - On a table where I am mostly sitting at in the apartment. Used infrequently, but sometimes goes missing (Josh likes to take my lip balms).

Jurlique Love Balm Rose - I just got this. It does not have a specific place (yet), so it will float around and very quickly become lost.

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