Wednesday, February 23


I think embroidery could be self-taught, especially with a good book or magazine or guide. But, I need to be motivated right now and have some sort of parameters. I'm a little scatter-brained these days with everything, including my hobbies.

To remedy this, I have enrolled in a two session embroidery class at Purl Soho. I know, small steps.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, February 20

Spring 2011 Prada

I originally saw a version of these on the Tommy Ton for site of non-runway shots. I'm usually not a fan of the crazy high-platform shoes but I kinda like these.

Or, is it too much going on (wingtips + espadrille + sneaker/flipflops foam base)? Too Rave-y?

Photos from

Saturday, February 19

Birthday dinner

It's Josh's birthday tomorrow. We celebrated early at Rye.

Wednesday, February 16

The Amazing Windows at Bergdorfs

I love the fragile-ness of these crazy windows. Kind of amazing, kind of grotesque. This made me smile! Info here

Caught In The Act!

Our sofa was finally discovered by Sherlock, to be used as a scratching surface... oh no!

Monday, February 14

Sunday, February 13

Arts & Science Spring 2011

Although I prefer their fall/winter offerings, I can always find something(s) to covet.

Arts & Science

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Saturday(s) At The Met

When I first visited New York City, I bought a Metropolitan Museum of Art membership and had all the calendars and quarterly bulletins sent to me. I would dream about going to the museum whenever I wanted, though I only kept it up for 1 or 2 years.

Well, I just bought another membership! I figured that getting a membership would be a good incentive to go to the museum often.

I would also love to navigate the place without a map. I often get lost and lose my sense of direction, I end up frustrated and wanting to leave (only to be confounded by the crowds).

I would like to go there every other Saturday. Let's see how long I can keep this up.

Friday, February 11

Sick Of This Winter

It's been a bitter winter, and this week in particular has been so cold (although no precipitation, for once!)

With much anticipation (fueled by Josh) I was looking forward to getting some tickets to see a farewell concert with LCD Soundsystem. After much drama today (sold out a 20K capacity venue in like zero seconds, then band adding four more shows to spite the scalpers) I think I might be able to see them. Keeping fingers crossed.

Thursday, February 3

The Radio Dept.

Saw The Radio Dept. play at the MHoW last night. So dreamy and beautiful.

I wasn't sure it was worth it to go stand around and listen to these guys live... not exactly high energy atmosphere... but it ended up being really lovely.

There is definitely something magical that happens when you hear live music... even when the musicians are pretty low energy and the music is very mellow. Plus it was nice to see a live show where I wasn't jostled to and fro from people getting to "dancey" or pushy. Most everyone was gently swaying, including me.

Now, what I really want to do is go to Sweden and see them play there!!