Saturday, November 27

Monday, November 22

How To Take A Good Picture

I'm still trying to figure out how to take a good picture. Sometimes I do but most times I fail.
When I'm out in public, there are several factors that keep me from taking a good picture:

Trees, street lights, traffic lights

My embarrassment of people watching me take pictures

Sometimes the camera does not cooperate and things get a little blurry

And sometimes it's just not meant to be.
The Empire State Building in it's tie-dye colors was really beautiful and I wasn't able to capture it. Oh well.

Friday, November 19


I've recently been taking pictures with Instagram. I know I originally talked s**t about the iphone photo apps that make photos look old, but I have to admit, it's fun and cool-looking.

Tuesday, November 16

Over The Weekend...

I took romantic pictures of Sherlock (hoping to get him into Dreamcats)

Had a lovely dinner at Roberta's

Ate some delicious snacky-stuff at the New Amsterdam Market. I think this is officially now my favorite place for brunch. Although I wished the coffee people where there (Intelligentsia?)

Walked by this very old cemetery and Josh noticed a black & white cat hanging out. Very picturesque!

And had an epic dinner at Kyo-Ya. (I adjusted the white balance on the camera halfway through dinner, and this is a reminder to myself to not do this. I think the first 4 look better than the last 2. What do you think? )

Wednesday, November 10


I went to see the Anselm Kiefer show. Yikes.

I did not know that they could make 20+ foot high glass boxes.

I couldn't even get back far enough to take a decent picture.


I like Filson. They seem to make durable goods and although I only own a hood made by them, a colleague of mine has a whole luggage set as well as multiple jackets, coats and pants. So when I saw that they were going to make umbrellas, I thought, "Perfect!".

Well, after almost a month and a half of waiting, I finally got my umbrella (actually a gift for a friend's birthday). I open up the box to find this:

Also, the strap that holds the umbrella closed uses a velcro fastener. Even my $8 Uniqlo umbrella has a snap fastener. So disappointed.

Tuesday, November 9

It's Been Awhile...

...since I've posted. After two whirlwind trips, it was hard to find something to post about.

Well, for not too long.

We went to go see Die Antwoord (again). It was brilliant. I thought the sound wasn't as good as when we saw them at Hardfest, but they are such a powerful act, it doesn't matter. Mind blowing.

Go see them, before they lose their magic, become too big/famous, decide that they aren't cut-out for the crazy superstar lifestyle, or, all of the above.

Friday, November 5

Tokyo Part 5: Stuff I Bought

Teapot purchased at United Arrows. I've been wanting one of these...

Belt from 45 rpm

Antipast socks from Usagi Pour Toi

Postalco folio

Spoons and salad servers from Zakka

Snacks from Mamegen

Tupperware from Beams

Two pairs of Jodhpurs (black is from A&S, tweed is from 45 rpm)

Porter stuff

Toothbrush from Tokyu Hands

Stickers from Tokyu Hands