Wednesday, September 29


I haven't been interested in bearbricks/kubricks for some time... until I saw these!! So Cool!

from Colette

Sunday, September 26


These UFO treats are unusual. Light wafer enclosure with a surprisingly tart powdered sugar on the inside. So pretty!

These cheddar cheese nibbles are so good. They kind of remind me of cheddar flavored Goldfish. I have been rationing these out to myself. I could easily eat this whole box in one sitting...

(thank you Tommy!)

Saturday, September 25

The Low And The High

Tuesday was a birthday celebration dinner at a Chinatown Sichuan hot pot restaurant. It's a fun atmosphere, but the food seems questionable, at best. It always leaves me feeling pretty terrible the next day. It's very popular though (so maybe it's just me)...

Thursday was dinner party at Mr. Chow. It's a funky place and the interior could use a little freshening up, but the food was truly excellent. It was a fun, 80's kind of decadent night.

Thursday, September 23


Looking forward to seeing this show tonight. Josh worked really hard on this project and I am excited to see the results!

Friday, September 17

New Amsterdam Market

Very dreary day on Sunday. It drizzled all day. Thankfully, the New Amsterdam Market is under the FDR and maybe with the bad weather, the turnout wasn't great for the vendors, but as a consumer, I was happy to not wait in lines for my tasty snacks.

Some beer braised beef sandwich

Some kind of chicken gumbo (?)

And of course a lobster roll

Never Let Me Go

I cannot wait to see this movie.

Any plans for the weekend?

Thursday, September 16

Elephant's Trunk Flea Market

Finally made it to the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market a couple weekends ago. It was fun! Got there at 7:30am and it was already very busy!! It was a beautiful day (chilly in the early morning but by 11am it was warm).

I bought:

A Pyrex mixing bowl

A couple of bullet pencils

A button hook

And my first Griswold cast iron pan (griddle pan).... so excited!!

Wednesday, September 8

Arts & Science 2010 Fall/Winter

Not much gets me more excited than when Arts & Science updates their website.

Tuesday, September 7

Summer ends

With the passing of Labor Day, it's that 'back to school' feeling, isn't it? I don't know why, but I really don't want summer to end.

Sunday, September 5


From the current issue of Kurashi No Techo