Friday, August 27


I guess it wouldn't be a seaside eatery if we weren't surround by seagulls. What is amazing at this place is that there were seagulls everywhere except this outdoor eating area. There was a serious flock of them literally hovering on one side. We couldn't figure out what was going on (i knew something wasn't right, but I couldn't put my finger on it). Then Josh noticed that there was an (invisible) canopy of very fine wire (fishing line?) above our heads! It was nice to see that the birds were not being harmed (except for maybe the greasy food that was fed to them) and that the restaurant understood the seagulls were part of the charm/atmosphere.

oh, and the food...

Thursday, August 26

scratchy watch

I decided to dig up my old watch after I noticed that I was constantly asking Josh what time it was. It's too complicated to get my phone out most of the time... and I'm lazy. Although I'm not used to wearing it now and I still walk around wondering what time it is... It's funny because not so long ago, I was thinking that watches were no longer a necessity since everyone carries a cell phone. I guess I was wrong.

I bought this watch back in the early 90's and I'm still happy with the design (can't say that about too much else from the early 90's of mine!). It's a bit scratched up though, so, I enquired about having the crystal replaced but Josh thinks this adds character. I'm also worried that once the band goes bad (smelly), I'll have a hard time finding a replacement. The current Swiss Army (Victorinox) Cavalry watches have a different band.

I think I'll have to upgrade to something nicer at that point...

Sunday, August 22

i want to get a bird*

Parrots Of The World is the ultimate bird store.

a flock of baby African Greys

a flock of baby Macaws

and some more baby Macaws.

At first, I thought something was wrong with them, and that they were plucking their feathers out, but no! They just haven't grown all their feathers yet! It's weird to see baby birds, especially this kind of expensive, exotic bird.

Not sure what kind of bird this is, but very pretty!

A cute Cockatoo looking at me.

All of these birds are free in a room and you can interact with them.

*I cannot actually get a bird because:
a) Sherlock
b) it will out live both Josh and I
c) it's probably too much for me to take care of

Wednesday, August 18


This is my favorite fragrance. I was looking for a "review" of this fragrance, because I wanted to know what exactly I liked about this... I came across this review from Bois de Jasmin.

The piney sharpness vanishes slowly, as the balsamic sweetness of incense transforms from glowing embers to delicate whispers of smoke. Iris layered with cedar is at the heart of Zagorsk, lending an interesting floral facet to the incense on woods composition. Iris creates an impression of wood encrusted with a layer of ice, heightening the cool and austere character of the fragrance.

This is way over my head, and reminds me of when I try to read wine reviews. I do like the smell of cedar though, so maybe this is why I like Zagorsk...

Tuesday, August 17

over the weekend...

We went to Storm King.

It was pretty rainy and my shoes got soaked, but it was fun! So few people there, and it was very calm and quiet with the cloudy weather.

And, I was super excited to see the Maya Lin piece.

Bonus! We saw a deer!

Sunday, August 8

Snack-style eating

Gorgeous weather!

Tacombi Tacos

Free Amp soda (I didn't drink all of it)

Cheeky Sandwiches

il laboratorio del gelato

Thursday, August 5


My kind of summertime cooking: no heat and very little preparation.

Just slice and assemble.

Monday, August 2


My new favorite restaurant... I cannot wait to go back!

It's an udon restaurant, or more like a lunch counter (fast food style). I want to go back for dinner because the menu seemed very different. They make the noodles there (fresh!) and offer a variety of options/styles. Very nice and tasty.