Friday, July 30

Five Leaves

The cutest mayonaise jar ever!

Although i generally don't like gazpacho, this one was very tasty.

Mussels... the whole time i was eating them, i was trying to figure out if it was the right season to be eating mussels. I never figured it out. They were very good anyhow.

Josh's crazy hamburger. It has a very thick beet slice and pineapple slice under that egg... Crazy!

Pannacotta, pretty much my go-to dessert whenever it is on a menu. I grew up eating bavarois (basically the same thing) so, it reminds me of my childhood (kind of).

Josh's affogato... his go-to dessert.

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arm swinging

As I was walking to work, I was watching the people around me and how they swing their arms while the walk. Some people swing more than others. One fellow barely swung his arms and he had a very uptight-look to him. Most people are carrying something in at least one arm (me) and so, the balance is off. I tend to swing my free arm a lot but then get self-conscious and try to rein it in...

Thursday, July 29


last weekend...

We went to Hardfest.

I had pretty low expectations... the high was 98˚, i've never listened to dubstep, and i've never been to a large outdoor concert, but it was absolutely brilliant. More rave than rock concert, it was full of (13,000?) happy, dancing people. The sound was great and what can i say... Die Antwoord really are worth all the hype.

all photos by Josh

Thursday, July 22


i finally felt normal and healthy this morning... it's been awhile. The weather was beautiful this morning, too.

Cool (78˚), breezy and dry. Nice enough that i though to take some pictures on my way to work.

Monday, July 19

over the weekend...

I slept with my new towel blanket (actually just an enormous towel) from Ikeuchi. Josh says it's like sleeping with The Muppets. That's not a bad thing, is it?

It came with these funny tags, and i'm not saying i necessarily believe them, but it's somehow thoughtful.

Visited the (new) Conran Shop. Cute lamp! But after a closer inspection, the wires are going right through the birds! urgh...

got a sample of a new drink called Vio. Tastes like Calpico soda... yum.

and lots of lounging around...

Did i mention how hot it is? I've lost my appetite, except for salami and iced coffee.

Sunday, July 11

dinner at rye

Rye in Brooklyn, Josh's favorite restaurant. I think it's great too (except it's too dark to take pictures!).

Really lovely food... classic American food, with really interesting flavors, done so well.

Friday, July 9

to MoMA to see...

the last day of the Henri Cartier-Bresson show

I did not know he was such a world traveler

Not as bad as the crowds around the Mona Lisa

The empty mezzanine area off limits

Some lovely Louise Bourgeois fabric work

Claes Oldenburg's work always makes me smile

One of my favorite Andy Warhol paintings

Alexander Calder mobile placed in a quiet stairwell


trying to breathe... it's been difficult with the heat and now the humidity of the summer. Is there some kind of herbal remedy for this?

Wednesday, July 7

too hot...

You know it's too hot when you see that tomorrow is going to be a high of 90˚ and you think relief.

It's too hot to blog.

Monday, July 5

lego store

We have a Lego Store! It's a fun environment, with lots of enthusiastic kids (little kids) running around with the parents, marveling at all the toys.
I couldn't help get caught up in the excitement!

They have a wall of these little bins filled with the tiniest lego parts... the ones that you lose very quickly.

These are flower parts!

after assembly:

waiting for Josh to assemble some cars: