Tuesday, May 25

The Glass House

Yesterday we went to see The Glass House.

it's kind of unbelievable as a residence. Philip Johnson was really eccentric, huh?

The tour guide told us a story about how Mr. Johnson would lay in bed and look out the windows. When it was snowing, he felt like he was moving up. I would love to experience that.

The entrance to the bunker-style painting gallery

The sculpture gallery

The gate house named "Da Monsta" which, i think kind of ruined it for me. This was built almost 50 years after the Glass House.

The Study

It was a beautiful day for a walk around a collection of art/architecture, but I felt a little uneasy. Maybe it was the fact that I had imagined what this place would be like, and i had imagined something different. Or maybe it just felt weird walking around someone else's house, that only passed away a few years ago.

pretty perfect

Made with Amy's Bread sandwich bread and Dickson's Farmstand beef. I had the 80/20, which is 80% beef, 20% bacon. Decadent and delicious... although i think i prefer just their straight ground beef.

Monday, May 24

polka dots: blurry - focus

trying different things with the new camera... it takes a bit of getting used to.

i like the blurry picture better, but together they are good for comparison.

duck pin bowling

We went duck pin bowling. Josh has always told me about this, and it sounded pretty strange. Well, it is strange, but it is really fun, and actually difficult!

it was fun... a lot of fun. and the Patterson Bowling Center is a blast from the past.... looks like things haven't changed much over the past 50 years. I hope it stays this way... i hope it stays open!

I didn't do so well the first game. I did get a strike, but my score was something in the low 30s. The second game i did much better (81).

Sunday, May 23

new camera!

i got the lumix GF1 (maybe i should have gotten the pink one?).

(do i look a little cross-eyed in this picture?)

Wednesday, May 19

window shopping: Prada

I'm kind of a sucker for perforated stuff, eyelets, lace, etc.

These look summer-y, the leather bags look light(!), and just imagine the fun to be had with layering the right color socks with these shoes!

Tuesday, May 18

man ray

i really like these photos by Man Ray. They are a series of photographs with two wooden mannequins set in front of a television screen.

a close up of one...

at Edwynn Houk Gallery

Wednesday, May 12

Alison Elizabeth Taylor

I really like wood inlay. At the Met, they have this small room that is floor to ceiling wood inlay.

there was also this beautiful cabinet at moss some time ago...

and the beautiful paintings (?) by Alison Elizabeth Taylor




i like happy faces...

but these just creep me out (Juicy Couture window)

I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea, or, maybe it doesn't matter... the clothes sell themselves?

Tuesday, May 11


last weekend was so windy!

This building, maybe ten stories tall, with a very large USA flag, was so noisy flapping in the wind!

Tuesday, May 4

i need to...

...learn how to hold the camera straight, or what i would really love is one of those focusing screens that has a grid on it!

Monday, May 3


I bought this book at Kinokuniya a couple weeks ago, marveling at the combination of beautiful photography and clothing patterns! I thought this would be a great project for me and get me off my butt to make some clothes...

this apron for example...

looks easy enough, right?

i get home and this is what the pattern sheet looks like!

this project is going on the back burner. I'll let you know if i re-visit this... : (


trying to find balance in things... mostly between work and non-work time. i am hoping to squeeze in more cooking into the non-work time.

Saturday, May 1

lazy saturday

getting my feet bit...

and eating some leftover pizza!

+ we went to the opening of the impossible project store in soho last night, so, i am happily snapping away my polaroids... with the hope that they are making more film!

and now i really want an sx-70!