Saturday, April 24

sweet vs. savory

i love salami. my father does too, and we always had thinly sliced salami (or prosciutto) with toast for breakfast when i was little... i was never a big toast & jam lover... i am definitely a savory breakfast person.

...but that doesn't mean i won't put blueberry jam all over an already sweet muffin!

Wednesday, April 21

food inc.

just finished watching food inc.

i recommend everyone to watch, or, read the omnivore's dilemma. it's frightening, but it is important to know where mass produced food is coming from...

montreal bagels

montreal bagels at the brooklyn flea. Sooo good.

when we were in montreal a few years ago... yummmm.....


i reallized after looking at this photo that we might need to brush sherlock's teeth... not going to be easy...

Tuesday, April 20

out with the old...

my old doc martens boots (18 yrs old!) and my new shoes... 50th Anniversary special shoes. yay!

my old boots are too small for me so i haven't worn them for some time. i'm excited about these new shoes. and yes, i am aware i did break my rule of no clothes for a month. it had to be done... these are limited edition.

Wednesday, April 14


i was going through some old photos and i came across this one of darwin

this is him, more recently

ahh, springtime

Friday, April 9

maison de soil

i have a weakness for long, flowy white dresses... i have plenty, but
i would like to add this one to my collection.

all images from b. cachette

Thursday, April 8

portra ISO800 (a long weekend part 2)

a walk in the park

more window shopping

and dinner at Mary's Fish Camp

and banana pudding... the perfect end to a perfect dinner... and a perfect weekend!

Tuesday, April 6

a long weekend (part 1)

up early in the morning to pick up the iPad!!

some window shopping...

some ice cream...

some, uh... paintings on the streets!?