Wednesday, March 31


what better to keep me from running down stairs and falling than a pair of high heel boots!

Monday, March 29

lazy weekend

did a lot of sleeping this weekend. which was almost okay because i woke up early (before sunrise) to help josh with a photoshoot.

for the rest of the day i had a crazy headache which did not go away after a nap. so... i just slept all day. woke up the following day, still with the headache, but immediately disappeared when i drank some coffee.... i am ADDICTED to coffee.

Friday, March 26

shake shack 2010

first visit this year (decade?) to Shake Shack...

yup, still a line....

and not as pretty with the bare trees...

but still delicious.. and i still don't like their fries... but i discovered something new...

Concrete! (makes my mouth water just thinking about it). It's basically ice cream mixed with stuff.
They had this special blend with strawberries and orange poppy caramel. I know... i am not sure where they
came up with the orange poppy caramel, but it works.
I think i will have to go back again very soon, before this special concrete goes away!!

Thursday, March 25


i wore a lot of yellow today... because it is International Waffle Day. Alas, i did not get a free wafel today (if you wore yellow and visited the Wafel truck, they said they would give you a free wafel)... anyway, it was fun to wear yellow. I have several yellow bits of clothes, but i rarely wear them. I used to have a pair of yellow rubber rain boots... i wish i had them now... especially since wunderground is predicting snow tomorrow!! : (


Josh recently rearranged and cleaned up the toys shelf...
we used to be so crazy about these kubrick/bearbricks!

it's fun to look at them now, i had forgotten how many we have,
but we still can't spell out b-e-@-r-b-r-i-c-k !!! (we are missing the i)

Wednesday, March 24


functional and non-functional


..and a lot of buttons

Monday, March 22

Vinegar Hill House

This neighborhood of brooklyn is really something else. Tucked behind old abandoned mansions (Admirals Row), housing projects and a large electricity transformer (?). I learned about the historic area (a long time ago) from calla lillie.

Really lovely dinner at Vinegar Hill House... The inside of the restaurant was dimly lit, so it was hard to take pictures of the food.

I'm really enjoying the restaurants (and stores) that excel at the old world-style atmosphere. Vinegar Hill House does it the best with the food and the location. I would imagine going to a small French countryside inn to have the same feeling(?)


lunch at Rice on Elizabeth. Really tasty, seemingly healthy and quiet place to have a weekend lunch (not sure how busy they are during the weekdays...). ahhh... i wish this was located close to my work!!

Friday, March 12


...days to save up money for...

Thursday, March 11


just in case you didn't see enough pictures of snow, here are some more... from about 1 month ago

Wednesday, March 10


i bought this expensive tea... it's pretty good, but i'm not sure if it was worth the money

but it came in this beautiful tin... so i couldn't resist.

recent window shopping

walking around new york, it's fun to window shop, and very difficult to not shop-shop.

Tuesday, March 9


his right 'antenna' (eyebrow whiskers) are always bent... i wonder if his radar is off sometimes.

i've been busy at shows...

Dan Colen and Nate Lowman

don't know

that British guy who wears blonde wigs


don't know

Yuko something or other

and Peelander-Z at Death By Audio

Tuesday, March 2

the snow from last week...

... i think i'm ready for spring... or better yet, just bring on summer!!!

... what i've been busy with

hopefully (soon) i will have something to show you!