Thursday, February 25

snow... again... can you believe it?

my get-up this morning... waterproof red jacket

wet slushy snow

and we are supposed to get more tonight and tomorrow... !

previously, this winter here and here

Wednesday, February 17


a humble pasta dinner made decadent with fresh mozzarella di bufala

last weekend...

started the day with a cappuccino from the alessi store

watched josh try on (and buy) shoes at supreme

visited bespoke chocolates (it was valentines day after all)

browsed for some vinyl at A-1 (do you see the cat record?)

and dinner... with heart shaped cookies!!

Monday, February 15

i love containers...

especially cute ones filled with yummy food!

at kyo ya

Sunday, February 14

my lovely steak at Pastis

(spinach was a little salty though... how do these places manage to over season their food?)

would like to come back here for their "full english breakfast"...


we've had a couple snow storms... more hype than anything...

it's been pretty though... for, like, a few hours, until it turns into gross-ness.

Saturday, February 13

Thursday, February 11

Wednesday, February 10

Tuesday, February 9

at the Wayne Hills Diner

can't go wrong with an omelette.

Friday, February 5

last weekend....

we visited a pet store and looked at birds

...and saw some other birds

went to 99X...

... but the store was gone!

warmed up with some coffee

and witnessed a cat's love for an electric heater

and finally... dinner!

Finished off the evening by going to see Avatar again.... those of you who have not seen it... GO SEE IT!! If you see it, and don't like it... lets have some tea and talk.

A Present.

... from josh, purchased at erie basin

Tuesday, February 2


my cosmopolitan with an orchid in a frozen ball

the most amazing flavors in the tiniest bites of food

not sure what the flattened spoon is for, but i want one

a single spinach tortellini

a very comprehensive dessert menu

a third dessert that is complimentary

Josh's beautiful (and tasty) dessert wine

a small bundle of mini madelines

and some more mini desserts

happy (and full) customers