Friday, December 10

December, So Far

Already the 10th of December but I don't feel the Christmas rush.

I did do a little Christmas shopping at the House Industries/Partners & Spade shop last weekend. But I always end up find stuff for myself...

I went knife shopping. It was thrilling to see all the fancy knives. Although dismayed when I was told over and over that most of the knives thay had were for professionals. Hmmmm!

Went to the Pop-Up Flea. It was fun, but all mens-sized stuff, so nothing for me.

I bought a new candle at the Diptyque store but it doesn't smell much. This is the first Diptyque candle I've had. I think I prefer the Cire Trudon ones more.

I bought a new hot chocolate mix and drank a mug of hot chocolate every night for four days straight.
....I am still lactose intolerant. Damn it.

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