Monday, October 18

Tokyo Part 3: The Food

Takoyaki from Gindaco

The Margaret Howell Cafe. Delicious, healthy and a bargain!

Tonkatsu from Maisen

Shabu shabu from Shabu Zen.

Okonomiyaki from Botejyu

Gyoza from a gyoza restaurant (don't know the name)


Kurosawa Udon

Hotel breakfast

Hawaiian-style fries? (with sweet chili sauce and a scoop of cream cheese!)

Breakfast from Doutor. Josh's favorite!

The previously mentioned Journal Standard Burger. They very carefully gave us one packet of ketchup each. I was too hesitant to ask for more.

Yogurt, for taste and for health.

One of my favorite meals, a late breakfast/early lunch of a variety of things from The Food Show.

"Lunch" from Matsunosuke NY (pancake and apple pie!)

Shiroichi. Amazing icy soft serve.

Strawberry cake

Pastries from one of the many french style bakeries all over tokyo (I forgot the name of this one).

Matcha and vanilla swirl soft serve.... soooooo good!

Choco Cro. We only got one to share thinking that we would make it back and get more but we never did. Anguish.

Can't spend time in Harajuku without getting crepes!

Kaitenyaki (or whatever they are called)

Pierre Herme macaron

There are not enough meals in the day to eat all that I want to eat in Tokyo!!

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