Thursday, October 14

Tokyo Part 2: Baycrews

Although I absolutely love Beams (Beams+ and Beams Boy) and United Arrows (Beauty & Youth), my heart belongs to the Baycrews Journal Standard Stores. I walk into Journal Standard Luxe and my heart (and credit cards) melt.

I bought a blouse, dress and socks from here.

... and the other Journal Standards we visited ...

A burger from J.S. Burger. We never got around to going to Freshness Burger this time, so this was our only burger of the trip. It was actually really good!

We had a nice view of the small street with lots of people (and sometimes pink commerical trucks) going by.

Journal Standard Relume. I bought a pair of wool Journal Standard shorts here.

J.S. Homestead (mens) where they had the 'real' Brown's Beach vest and jacket. My mind was blown.

I also came close to buying a blue and white striped frame bag that according to the salesperson it was the only one made (there were other styles made with the same fabric, but only one in that specific shape). It was a tough decision to not buy it.

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