Tuesday, October 26


I think my idea of Paris is always greater than my actual experience with Paris.

It's beautiful, no doubt, but between the language barrier, things being more expensive than they are here in NYC, and the general attitude of the people I encounter, it leaves me feeling bitter.

Although that being said, I love eating macarons. Even Josh likes them!

I could sit in a bakery all day and drink coffee and bread (can I just have a baguette for dinner?)

I wish I had had the nerve to get on this carousel.

Until next time... au revoir!

My previous trip to Paris.


William said...

Your expression in the top photo is perfectly unamused.

Why are you afraid of getting on that carousel though? From personal experience, it was a lovely ride!

yuko said...

Hi William. The carousel was pretty empty, and I didn't want to be the "strange childless adult on the carousel".
Did you ride the upstairs?

William said...

Yeah it was just me and my b/f upstairs on the carousel. No one else on board. Mostly we took photos and videos and almost forgot to enjoy the actual ride.

m said...

I must have seen the same carousel as you. Why do you say the encounters in Paris leaves a bitter taste? I must say that I sort of understand that sentence.

Love the photography!

yuko said...

Thank you m. Did you ride the carousel? This is the one at the base of Sacre Coeur.

I think this trip in particular was tough (very short time in paris, and lots of traveling time). I was pretty exhausted as I was leaving, and felt that the whole trip was (almost) not worth the trouble. Now that I've had some time (and rest) it was a good trip, and I'd happily go bad and do it all over again!

m said...

I didn't ride it, merely took a picture (http://www.flickr.com/photos/twentyfivecents/5000357308/) and marvelled from a few steps away.

My trip to Paris wasn't my idea, more of my friends' but all in all, it had gorgeous museums and funny parks :) I totally get when you're tired and even if there're things to see.. you have no mood right?

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

I'm the opposite, I never liked the myth of Paris until I visited. And I find Parisians charming! And yes to baguette, and all sorts of bread, for dinner.

yuko said...

Oh, Little Nutbrown Hare, I tried to love Paris!

I will give it another try, this time with a very good food dictionary and a little practice with the language!