Friday, October 1


Eataly is a new Italian food store with a cafe inside. I wasn't expecting to like it because I am not a fan of Mario Batali. Well, my mind was blown. It is (from what I remember) the closest thing we have to a European style food hall. It is confusing to navigate, people eating in every nook and lots of (Italian?) tourists but the most amazing selection for food stuff from Italy. Just look at the dried pasta section!


William said...

Also not a fan of Mario what with his shorts and crocs outfits - but if he's good enough to hang out with Gwyneth and open this cool store, then yes, we should reconsider!

yuko said...

Hi William. I'm convincing myself that he had A LOT of help with the store and really, he was just a famous name attached to it. Otherwise, I feel like they would be selling all this namesake stuff (clogs, pots & pans, etc) but they don't (yet)!