Sunday, September 5


Last weekend I travelled to Ville de Québec . It is a strange city that I had high hopes for, but in 24 hours, I was not able to discover much. But, I did eat some nice food and had fun being an American Tourist!

Not a cloud in the sky...

Croissants at Chez Temporel

Watched the wind blow through silver grass (ススキ)

Fancy dinner at a restaurant whose name I've forgotten!

Climbed some steep hills

Witnessed some crazy fireworks outside my hotel window

Cats are cute everywhere!


elle said...

I've never been to Quebec myself, but I hope to visit someday -- the crossaints looks so yummy, and I love that shot of the cat!

I'm rather new to the blog-hood, and I'm glad to have stumbled upon your blog -- it's refreshing to see people's corner of the world through their corner of the web!

yuko said...

Thank you elle!