Thursday, August 26

scratchy watch

I decided to dig up my old watch after I noticed that I was constantly asking Josh what time it was. It's too complicated to get my phone out most of the time... and I'm lazy. Although I'm not used to wearing it now and I still walk around wondering what time it is... It's funny because not so long ago, I was thinking that watches were no longer a necessity since everyone carries a cell phone. I guess I was wrong.

I bought this watch back in the early 90's and I'm still happy with the design (can't say that about too much else from the early 90's of mine!). It's a bit scratched up though, so, I enquired about having the crystal replaced but Josh thinks this adds character. I'm also worried that once the band goes bad (smelly), I'll have a hard time finding a replacement. The current Swiss Army (Victorinox) Cavalry watches have a different band.

I think I'll have to upgrade to something nicer at that point...


William said...

I feel absolutely naked without a watch. Wear yours 'til you start to feel the same!

yuko said...

Thanks William. It's almost nostalgic for me to wear a watch. I'm enjoying it.