Friday, June 25


the other day it was crazy hot and humid. I had the brilliant of idea of going to eat ramen. It's a new place that opened up called Totto Ramen. Well, they've been open for a couple of weeks, and they were having some 'just opened' issues... like no air-conditioning. It was stiflingly hot and i considered leaving, but i felt bad, so i stayed.

By the time my food came out, i had cooled down a bit (with lots of ice water) and was able to enjoy my tasty dinner. I think i am going to wait a few weeks to go back, hopefully they will have the a/c fixed by then!

Thursday, June 24

First Day of Summer

Gorgeous day in Boston for the first day of summer. It's been a pretty warm summer already... but i'm still looking forward to the next two months of hot summer goodness!

Tuesday, June 22

Wally (aka The Green Monster)

Josh and I went to see a Red Sox game over the weekend.

It was fun! and, I got to see Wally!!

photos of Wally by josh

Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe

Doesn't seem to be too many places like this left. There is something about the old/dingy atmosphere that makes everything feel right. Nothing is fake. If you go to Boston, go to Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe.

Saturday, June 19

teapot dilemma

I want this teapot... but which color!!??

Yellow is my favorite color, but i'm not sure i want a teapot that is yellow. But then red seems so obvious, right? When I was little we had a red kettle, that looked nothing like this, but it reminds me of that. Maybe i can find this in Japan, and it comes in a myriad of colors?

... adding to my list of things to look for when in tokyo...

They are beautiful enamelware from kiosk

yogurt + granola

because of this Erivan yogurt with granola, i've decided that i like granola with yogurt. I generally do not like oatmeal (straight or in cookie form), but for some reason, if it is mixed with some other healthy stuff and sweetened a little bit, and then mixed into yogurt, i actually like it! And i actually like it when it gets a little soggy!

i bought some other granola to mix with my yogurt, but it's not the same. I'm happy to see that Erivan is selling their granola separately. I am on the hunt...


I won't say i have a problem, but i do have some issues... one being that i overbuy. for example, if i need something (in this case, sauce for okonomiyaki) even if i think we have some, i will buy some more, just in case we are out (extremely unlikely). In this particular situation, not only did i have an open bottle in the fridge, but i also had an unopened bottle in the cabinet. but one can never have too much okonomiyaki sauce, right?

Wednesday, June 16

soccer anyone?

Wouldn't it be fun if the World Cup games used a nice 'classic' black and white ball instead of that weird plastic-y Jabulani ball?
I saw a "how it's made" type program about balls and they mentioned that the black and white ball was made so that the ball was visible when a game was played on a black and white tv. Previously, the balls were just one color (brown, i think) and it would just blend into the color of the pitch.

The hexagon ball is so iconic... immediately recognized for soccer and not, some other sports ball. Bring back the classic!

Update: NY Times has a nice interactive of the history of World Cup balls.

Tuesday, June 15

new sole

I wore a hole in the soles of my shoes, and i decided to exert some creativity on my shoes, and get brown soles (they had black leather soles). it's a little weird, and not what i was envisioning... but it's fine, and it's not all that visible anyway....

regardless, Quoddy shoes come back from repair looking like they spent a few weeks at the spa... revived and practically brand new!

Sunday, June 13

Louise Kruger

Lovely show at Lori Bookstein Fine Art. I don't know anything about Louise Kruger, but i went to see the show after seeing an advertisement of the show. I really like her work.

sneaky cat

Sherlock managed to lift the lid and sneak inside the box! (i put the lid back on him). He loved peeking out at me... i think he thought i couldn't see him!

Friday, June 11

new layout

sorry for the jarring new layout... i was due for a make-over!!

I'm going to tweak more over the weekend... while watching World Cup and Le Mans.

who is everyone rooting for?

Thursday, June 10


Definition: spinning tops...

i like that. better than what i was calling this shape... the inner ear.

Tuesday, June 8

my tumblr

I am really enjoying this (new?) feature with tumblr... the archive mode. It takes awhile to load (depending on how slow/fast your internet is), but it's a good way to get 'quick' look at stuff i like.

(i've forgotten about so many things... things that i thought i was going to die without!)

Monday, June 7

weekend: food

i wasn't feeling 100% this weekend... but i've always got the energy to eat some tasty food!!

Luke's Lobster

shake shack

Erivan yogurt with blueberry sauce

Choncho's Taco


sashimi at Aburiya Kinnosuke

green tea tiramisu at Aburiya Kinnosuke (i think i could have eaten a couple of these!)

Friday, June 4


Josh and I have been making this pasta dish almost every week. It is made with canned tuna, garlic, capers, lemon zest, parsley. It's really tasty and i have been on a quest to find the perfect pasta shape for this dish. So far, this one may be the best, called radiators.

The original recipe is from Cooks Illustrated

Boil water for pasta, we make one whole package of pasta (500g)

crush 3 cloves garlic (we use a garlic press)
some dried red pepper flakes
some capers (3 tablespoons), rinsed
cook until garlic is fragrant (1-2 minutes)

add 1/2 cup dry white white (we've been using sake) cook until no more alcohol smell (1-2 minutes)

add tuna cans (maybe 2 normal size tuna cans, but we vary this depending on what we have) and heat through (1 minute)

drain pasta, (save some pasta water separately) and mix in the tuna with chopped parsley, more crushed garlic (3 cloves?), zest of one lemon, some butter and some pasta water. Salt and pepper to taste

Thursday, June 3


i'm tired these days... it's nice that it is summer now, isn't it? hopefully, it will mean more relaxing time.

I'm turning into a real lazy person...

Tuesday, June 1


I had misplaced a pair of Bunney studs...

found them today (a little tarnished)! they were on a jacket (on the bottom edge) that i haven't worn for awhile... i think i need to take care of my clothes a little more.

Vive le Tarte! from Martha Stewart Living

The lovely "plates" in these photos are beautiful thread sewing drawings by Miyuki Sakai.
Pretty cool, huh?

oh, and the tarts look so delicious!