Sunday, January 31

outfit: 15˚

brrrrr!! it's been cold the past couple days...

but it's almost easier to get dressed when it is so cold... i just pile on the layers.

Wednesday, January 27

bye bye Yohji

aparently they've closed their new york stores along with some other international stores...

I can't say i've bought many things... although i was hoping to buy some Limi Feu stuff they started to carry... and the coming soon stuff.

Monday, January 25

LOST: my jill platner bracelet

it took me a while to realize that it was missing... it's somewhere in the house... in the meantime, i am wearing a piece of yarn.

i'm trying not to get too worked up about this. This is the kind of thing that could drive me batty.

Sunday, January 24


trying to take a picture of Darwin, ended up taking a picture of Sherlock

Saturday, January 23

long shadows

i love long shadows... but i am ready for short shadows and warmer weather!!

Thursday, January 21

Wednesday, January 20

The drawings of Paolo Ventura

Today i fell in love with this bird-man in argyle socks

i also like this man in the overcoat, but not the one-man band

This artist makes these drawings, then stages elaborate sets with small figures (dolls?) and takes a photograph. It's a nice process.

go see Paolo Ventura at Hasted Hunt Kraeutler

LOOK -->

Monday, January 18

a few weeks ago...

there was a hawk outside! I originally thought it was a turkey... (i haven't seen either very much in the wild)

he was busy eating for a long time... (gross)

everything else outside was very still and quiet...

all photos by josh

Sunday, January 17


i guess winter is a time for oysters... decadent and somehow festive.

The Grand Central Oyster Bar

30 oysters (one of each kind available):

6 more:

don't worry, i had two other oyster eaters with me!

Wednesday, January 13

wish lists

Back in the "naughties", Mr. Rees from A Treasury Of asked his readers what was on their wish list for the holiday ... and well, it seems like the holidays are long past and, well, i didn't get anything from my wish list, it was lots of fun to make, and challenging to think of something for another person's blog and the readers that follow it.

see my wish list

inspiration from: Fudge

Pictures from the recent issues of Fudge Magazine.
One good thing about this winter weather we're having is all the layering!

Sunday, January 10

new favorite: dessert

this is my new favorite dessert: vanilla ice cream, plain yogurt and banana slices.
Sounds weird, but don't knock it until you try it. (i thought it was weird at first too).
Make sure the ratio of ice cream to yogurt is 2:1.

Friday, January 8

want to do this weekend

spend quality time with sherlock

go to Erie Basin and spend some hard earned christmas money

go see the Samurai show at The Met again.

go to APC to check out the Madras sale

take old clothes to second hand shop (to make room for the new stuff bought at Madras sale)

finish knitting my leg warmers (see my Ravelry)

Thursday, January 7

before the new year...

I went to see the Art of the Samurai show at The Met, closing this weekend. There was a "no photography sign" that i obeyed.

An amazing show of treasures mostly from Japan. Some of the pieces were on loan for a short period of time (shorter than the duration of the show) and they were swapped out with other objects, which was a drag, because i wanted to see this helmet. Oh well... next life time right?

Feeling a little disappointed, i wandered around the museum aimlessly, and ended in the French Art Deco rooms... Yikes!

i couldn't quite capture with my camera the glitzy-ness of this mural-thing.

i don't know what is crazier, this or the what seemed like a hundred super sharp samurai swords a saw earlier...

new year

how is everyone's new year so far? i am still reeling (realing?) from the travels of the past two weeks... it's been adventurous, to say the least.... if you want to read from the car's perspective, go to WRS