Sunday, December 26

Happy Christmas

Back in New York after a whirlwind holiday in Baltimore. Heading up to Maine in a few days. I hope the snow is cleaned up before then!

Sunday, December 19


This past week has been a blur. I'm looking forward to some time away from NYC.


Kind of like Maneki Neko, kind of not.

Friday, December 17

Recent Acquisitions

Flannel cotton dress from 45 rpm

I could live in this all day. So soft and comfortable.

Cotton dress from 45 rpm

Looks and feels vintage/old. So unbelievably soft.

Cotton indigo dress from 45 rpm

A beautiful dark indigo, perfect to mix with my all black outfits I've been wearing this winter.

Notice a trend? I've lost all hope for any kind of financial responsibility or salvation. Maybe next year?

Saturday, December 11

Friday, December 10

December, So Far

Already the 10th of December but I don't feel the Christmas rush.

I did do a little Christmas shopping at the House Industries/Partners & Spade shop last weekend. But I always end up find stuff for myself...

I went knife shopping. It was thrilling to see all the fancy knives. Although dismayed when I was told over and over that most of the knives thay had were for professionals. Hmmmm!

Went to the Pop-Up Flea. It was fun, but all mens-sized stuff, so nothing for me.

I bought a new candle at the Diptyque store but it doesn't smell much. This is the first Diptyque candle I've had. I think I prefer the Cire Trudon ones more.

I bought a new hot chocolate mix and drank a mug of hot chocolate every night for four days straight.
....I am still lactose intolerant. Damn it.

Saturday, November 27

Monday, November 22

How To Take A Good Picture

I'm still trying to figure out how to take a good picture. Sometimes I do but most times I fail.
When I'm out in public, there are several factors that keep me from taking a good picture:

Trees, street lights, traffic lights

My embarrassment of people watching me take pictures

Sometimes the camera does not cooperate and things get a little blurry

And sometimes it's just not meant to be.
The Empire State Building in it's tie-dye colors was really beautiful and I wasn't able to capture it. Oh well.

Friday, November 19


I've recently been taking pictures with Instagram. I know I originally talked s**t about the iphone photo apps that make photos look old, but I have to admit, it's fun and cool-looking.

Tuesday, November 16

Over The Weekend...

I took romantic pictures of Sherlock (hoping to get him into Dreamcats)

Had a lovely dinner at Roberta's

Ate some delicious snacky-stuff at the New Amsterdam Market. I think this is officially now my favorite place for brunch. Although I wished the coffee people where there (Intelligentsia?)

Walked by this very old cemetery and Josh noticed a black & white cat hanging out. Very picturesque!

And had an epic dinner at Kyo-Ya. (I adjusted the white balance on the camera halfway through dinner, and this is a reminder to myself to not do this. I think the first 4 look better than the last 2. What do you think? )