Tuesday, November 24

bottle shape

i really like the shape of this bottle and the color! it was really very pleasing to the eye...

but i kept wondering... how do they clean this?

Sunday, November 22

this weekend i....

visited the Pop Up Flea. Great stuff and super nice people! Was tempted in a Schott leather jacket, a beautiful Heath Ceramics ashtray, some Saint James jumpers and a Billykirk bag.

Miserably, i walked out empty handed. Josh got some boots from The CHCM Shop though.

...Also, went to the New Amsterdam Market. (more pictures to come)

And, i'm loving my new bag! (thank you tommy!)

Saturday, November 21


i love my Trickers... and they are perfect of fall! And, there really is nothing better than black boots for New York. I do need to get them re-soled though. I've tried 'fixing' the way i walk, so i don't drag my heels... hasn't been fixed (yet).

Is this something that develops at the 'first steps' stage? Like, my first baby steps, i was already dragging my heels?

Thursday, November 19

waiting patiently...

for more food. was able to hold off not eating the rest of my half-eaten mini biscuit.

good thing, because this fried chicken was delicious, and i was happy that i was able to eat most of it!!

from Clinton Street Bakery

Monday, November 16

Sunday, November 15

go see:

Dan Flavin at David Zwirner

Thursday, November 5

time to get cookin'

the most recent addition is the Canal House Cooking book.

this is the first book, for summer. and well, it is not summer anymore

there are a few yummy looking recipes that look just fine for fall.

i want to try this pork one first. i'll let you know how it goes!



Luke's Lobster


all tasty, but i think the lobster roll is the best! oh, and the blueberry soda is my new favorite drink!

Sunday, November 1

iphone pictures

i've been taking more pictures with the iphone (instead of my usual sd800 or the fm2)... i've been getting lazy (carrying heavy cameras) and forgetful (forgetting to put camera back in bag after downloading pics onto computer).

these were taken during a drive to new jersey.

leaves have turned colors and are almost all gone!

i really like the George Washington Bridge. i would like to walk across it some day!


How was your halloween?

I dressed up as Hester Prynne (with a gold mask). Can you guess who Josh went as?