Friday, July 31

happy weekend

pictures from Renningers flea market in PA a couple weekends ago. I came back with a mini red Pyrex bowl and a hand mixer. I could have bought more stuff but held back (not sure why). I guess it always seems like there will be a better bargain later, and well, i don't actually need anything (except the hand mixer which will come in handy, but i haven't used it yet)!

have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 30


Ted Muehling at E.R. Butler & Co..

This place always has the nicest windows, but i've never been inside because, well, it actually doesn't look like an open store. I didn't realized what it was, until i googled it (i think maybe this is the idea, and they have succeeded).

from a previous visit:

Wednesday, July 29


first pictures with my 'studio' light. (i know i need to iron my pieces of cloth)

Monday, July 27

gondola, really?

i guess if you can't make it to Venice, you can go to Central Park

Friday, July 24


there's a lot of food trucks this summer... and not the usual kebab or hotdog food.
This is like, the good stuff:

the Van Leeuwen truck

the Le Gamin truck

and what is making it possible to find where these (constantly moving) trucks are is twitter, which i love and you could follow me here.

Thursday, July 23

Tuesday, July 21

Saturday, July 18


i've been pretty much crazy about these sandals for sometime. It was a combination of, "do i really need another pair of shoes?" and the complications of ordering something online from Japan. Well, i finally figured out the ordering process, and, yes, i really need another pair of shoes.

Monday, July 13

marni resort 2010

I really love marni stuff, and recently the capsule collections (Pre fall '09 and Resort '10) are exactly what i love about fashion... mixing it up.

images from

Sunday, July 12


One of the more strange things i've seen in nyc.

I've seen people 'walking' their parrots, people walking with cats (on a leash) but this pet rabbit 'hanging out' outside was pretty surprising!

Saturday, July 11


fun dinner at Saraghina. Although pretty far out of the way for us, it was worth it. Nice rustic feel that seems genuine with a friendly staff and delicious food.

Friday, July 10

blue sky

The beautiful blue skies and the great weather we've been having couldn't be in more stark contrast to the crap we were having just a couple weeks ago. This is like New Mexico skies, and someone just told me, "I never thought I would be happy spending July in New York!"

have a grate weekend everyone (yes, i am purposely mis-spelling 'great', just like The Greatful Dead)

Thursday, July 9

mommy squirrel

she was very tame and well balanced

Sunday, July 5

look at the score

... and they are still going strong!

UPDATE: Federer won!

Wednesday, July 1

Rembrandt van Rijn

at The Met

I'm glad we don't wear clothes like this anymore... although i was thinking of making a ruff for myself ... too bad clowns kind of ruined this for me. i did make one for sherlock though.