Monday, June 29


i feel like this today

and not just because i ate this:

i've also been eating BLTs:

but i need to eat more of this:

Saturday, June 27

sunset after the storm

have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, June 26

weather map

hopefully, we won't get any "tornado vortex signatures"

(from wunderground)

today's outfit

light green (fluorescent?) 45rpm top
dark green (olive-y teal) marni dress
silver marni sandals

drawing made with brushes

Wednesday, June 24

project: quilt #1

i've been thinking about this one for some time. I am straight up copying an idea from my sister: a quilt made from old boxer shorts. is that weird? at first i was kind of grossed out... but actually, the fabric is (usually) good cotton and the prints are fun and intricate enough that it works well with a quilt. There are other fabric scraps i've mixed in as well.

I still have a long ways to go. I need to buy some batting material and figure out what to back the whole thing with... i was thinking an old fitted sheet that used to fit my old bed (full size). Trying to recycle old stuff in the linen closet. Now that i am thinking of it, i'm not sure i still have those old sheets. hmmm...

Saturday, June 20

Friday, June 19

photos from rome

i'm not sure what is going on here... or who this guy is. he is apparently very large, or, he lived somewhere where there are a lot of small babies. But what really confuses me is the sphinx under his left arm. anyone know what's the story? click for a a closer look

the beautiful beam of light from the Pantheon oculus

the Trevi Fountain, one of the many places where roses are sold aggressively

the statues above the colonnade around St. Peters Square

Tuesday, June 16

i'm back

... and a little toasty. I cannot believe how hot it was in Rome and how cool it is here in New York! Still recovering and i don't have all of the pictures processed. i hope they came out okay.

We rented a similar vehicle to this one at the Villa Borghese Gardens... it was lots of fun, but the ride re-confirmed my thoughts that i would not be happy on a bicycle. I found myself closing my eyes and clutching my fake steering wheel for dear life when we were going fast... and we weren't actually going that fast! The vehicle has a battery that recharges as you pedal. Unfortunately, either we were too hard on the battery, or we got a bum battery, and we ended up at the bottom of a hill with no juice! and this was the start of a seven mile walk through Rome. Needless to say, my legs were shakey after the ride.

Friday, June 12


i'll be away for a few days. have a nice weekend!! if you're in nyc, go check out the highline!!

Thursday, June 11

which shoes?

I really love traveling, but when it comes down to having to choose which shoes i am going to take... it becomes gut-wrenching!

Do i take practical and comfy? or pretty and fun? or both? what about if it rains? and, well, i've only worn these shoes a couple times.. i could still get blisters if i walk too much? and the worst: which shoes can i get back on my feet after a long time on the airplane (my feet swell up a lot)!

Tuesday, June 9


i am itching like mad. palms and the back of neck. i think it is an allergic reaction to something i've eaten. maybe i need to fast, or go get hypnotized. It is strange because it comes and goes. Just when i think it has gone for good, *Yikes* it comes back....

I think i am going to go CRAZY!!!

(picture above is from the Yayoi Kusama show at Gagosian)

Monday, June 8

buying film

um... evidence film?

What do you think the free 'photo scale' is?

Sunday, June 7

pizza at brooklyn flea

the cutest pizza guy... doesn't he kind of look like linguini from Ratatouille?

taxi stories

I ran an errand on friday during the day. Right outside my office building a taxi pulled up to drop someone off, so i waited for the customer to get out... he slid open the door (it was one of those minivan types) and i saw that there was an enormous amount of floor space and the seats were at the back of the car. Also, strewn about the floor was a lot of stuff of the customers... his jacket, shopping bags, umbrella.. and i was standing in the rain anxious to get in! He managed to gather all his belongings, and i hopped in, thinking, what a careless slob for just throwing everything down on the floor of a taxi (gross!).

anyway, so i sat down, yelled my destination (because i am so far away from the driver) and we took off. soon after, i realized why the previous guys stuff was all over the place. The driver liked to slam on the breaks and well, with the first SLAM, everything, including me, went flying off the seat! i managed to just stand on my feet and hold the handle, but my umbrella i had resting vertically and my bag that was sitting next to me, quickly landed on the floor. oops.

Thursday, June 4


J left me with a practically full half gallon container of milk and i'm trying not to be wasteful of food... so i made some chai (tea). Chai came out good... i always forget about adding honey, so the first sip is usually pretty rough. Yes, i take sugar in all my hot beverages... except green teas. I know, gross, right? Who puts sweetener in green tea? huh?

Tuesday, June 2

red hook

i like going to red hook... it's staying in the safety of new york city, but feels different... we went to fairway and stopped by to eat some key lime pie!!!

oh, and we saw this enormous cruise ship!

Monday, June 1

new dress

bought a new dress from 45 rpm. I don't know what i am thinking buying a white dress, i'm usually so sloppy... but it looks so summery and cool (and i look nice and tan in it)!