Wednesday, April 29

i want...

(finally) this vintage-inspired chambray workwear shirt for ladies at J.Crew

Monday, April 20

these soft hands

sherlock has been attacking me a lot... more than usual. Any ideas? It's amazing what weapons are hidden under this very soft fur. It's an interesting defense (offense?) mechanism that is 'hidden'.

Friday, April 17

springtime shoes

don't mind my chunky ankles...I usually love socks, but for these shoes, wearing socks looks too stuff-y. i tried some of my more wild-er socks, and but then i just look weird.

grey gardens

looking forward to watching Grey Gardens on HBO this weekend.

Here is a NY Times article about it.

(picture from original Grey Gardens documentary)

Wednesday, April 15

easter... uh, bunnies

how was everyone's Easter? I saw this 'little fella' at the Grand Army Plaza at Central Park.

And i always love seeing the big (oak?) trees around the mall. Wouldn't it be fun to do the ultimate easter egg hunt in Central Park?

Sunday, April 12

old ads

i'm on a sort of quest to find old Benetton and Esprit advertisements. It's hard to explain, but it is something that i have extremely fond memories. I guess I am feeling nostalgic these days....

I still haven't found the exact thing i am looking for (not sure i ever will)... but i am going to 'casually' look for more fashion magazines from the 80s. Wish me luck!

Saturday, April 11

the reclining buddha

not sure what is going on with this buddha... a little too much drink-y? anyway, my boss tried to explain it to me, something about different stages of reaching nirvana. I didn't get it. Maybe it is all supposed to be serious, but it is kind of funny to me. how does this great person go from lotus position and sitting with great posture to.... the reclining position?

Friday, April 10


what kept me alive (i'm being a little dramatic here) the past few days...

anyone else sick out there? i've considered stopping smoking... and this current/latest illness may have convinced me.. but then i get this email from Refinery 29, with a profile of Garance Doré... and with beautiful pictures of her, smoking! and the best one, taking a photograph with a cigarette in hand!!

photo from Refinery 29, by The Sartorialist

Monday, April 6


how was your weekend?

we walked... a lot!

Highlights: Clinton Street Bakery, Marni, Lomography store and Grand Central Station to see Art Cars

Saturday, April 4

more pictures from Sandy Hook

(supposedly the oldest working lighthouse in the US... do we still need lighthouses?)

(deserted military buildings gives the place a creepy vibe... i think)

(Verrazano Bridge in the distance... josh had to point it out to me)


wow... if you have the 1930's + Johnny Depp + Christian Bale = Movie Magic!!

Public Enemies