Friday, March 27

this weekend

my list of things to accomplish:

see Martin Kippenberger at MoMA

buy this dress at A Détacher

watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona and/or Bullitt

pick up repaired shoes from Arty's

grab a snack from The Smile

buy some salad materials from Windfall Farms at the Union Square Greenmarket

take old laptop to get fixed at Apple

oh! and i want to make this white bean stew or this cassoulet with these beans

Monday, March 23


someone's getting old (12 years this august)... isn't he majestic? he definitely is getting more character/charisma with age.


how was yours?

Wednesday, March 18

field notes

some as a gift, some for me... not sure what to use them for. so far i've used the tan-colored ones for:

travel diary/points of interest
recipe book/shopping list

get yourself some field notes

Tuesday, March 17

i'm thinking about... motorcycle jackets

silk/cotton version by Rag & Bone

a version by APC

the classic from Schott

Monday, March 16

socks with sandals

i resent this: from New York Magazine

i am not as crazy about the "gladiator" trend as others, but i like socks with sandals and was happy to see things like:

from Scout Holiday

and i really want these Expert Sandals

Sunday, March 15


A client would come in with a miss-matched hood with coat. i always thought that this looked cooky and cute. So, this winter i bought a Filson waxed cotton hood that i wore with my melton peacoat. but, now that it is spring... i am thinking of making one myself, out of just plain cotton fabric... sort of bonnet-esque (like little house on the prairie or an Amish bonnet) which would be great for keeping the sun off my head, and preventing me from getting a sun-stroke (oh yes... it is almost that time of the year again).

which reminds me, i want to re-read those Laura Ingalls Wilder books again....





Thursday, March 12

Matthew Williamson

my first reaction to this jumpsuit was, "WOAH..... that is SCARY!"... but after a few seconds... i think i need this... this is what will lift me out of my gloomy mood, and get me ready for spring/summer. And it will take my mind off of things... because i will be too busy worried about blinding people as i walk around.

it's a little better on this runway photograph.

Friday, March 6

i can't wait!!!

yes, they are performing live, soon (-ish)

photo by daniel pettrow

Thursday, March 5

in shadow


we've used the blender everyday for smoothies. Yesterday was the first day for hummus... and it came out okay. Josh says too much tahini.. ( i put in 6 tablespoons for 1 can of chickpeas). It tasted fine, but there was a bitter after taste... and, by the way, one can of chickpeas makes a lot of hummus!!

Monday, March 2

*gasp* Arts & Science have posted their Spring 09!

Arts & Science


this is the reality of outside

this is what was waiting for me at the office fax machine