Friday, January 30


been a cold winter, huh? and... we still have february to go.

Wednesday, January 28


i hate to be categorized... but i guess i am a prime candidate for yuru-nachu

speaking of style... 2009 may be the year for the Hobo look.

the recession (depression), interest in Made-In-USA brands, and a feeling of nostalgia for the 'good-ole-days'... right?

Tuesday, January 27


I've been cooking a lot... maybe to keep my mind off of clothes shopping. I'm having fun, but not sure how long my energy will last. I am sort of getting the hang of using leftovers for the next dinner, or utilizing whatever leftover veggies there are and not buying more groceries everyday (this probably sounds retarded to most people, but this is quite an accomplishment for me!).

I took a trip to the farmers market this past saturday and bought some buckwheat flour and this is the result, buckwheat pancakes. I thought they came out yummy, but they are probably more like crepes than fluffy pancakes.

Thursday, January 22

sofas and stuff from Room & Board

funny red swivel chair from Room & Board.

anyway, i kind of like this one called Hutton in this pretty pink-ish color.

this one is maybe to 'retro' looking:

and wouldn't sherlock look great on this?

Wednesday, January 21

onion soup

this is what happens when i cook... i end up eating the same thing three (or more) days in a row. no problem when it is something i really enjoy, but it does get tiresome after awhile.... i guess i could have made a smaller portion, but some recipes seem like they won't work if i reduce the quantities.... i'm a cautious cook and worried that the "magic" won't happen if i veer off course.

anyway, the soup turned out well, and i am happy to know that i can make this. what should i make next?

Sunday, January 18

projects: fabric store

i love fabric stores... i think more than clothing stores... the choices are endless, and with the fabric stores in new york, the choices are really endless!! My favorite is NY Elegant Fabrics. They offer a wind range of 'regular' fabrics... stuff that you might find a typical American craft/fabric store. But then you realize that they have all sorts of stuff. Fancy damask fabric to double-faced cashmere wool to bright neon spandex. I always end up buying stuff there with the intention of making something... but mostly, i end up just opening the bundles and looking at them, too afraid to cut them up!

Friday, January 16


haven't been out to a fancy (expensive) dinner for awhile.... i forgot how much fun it is... This was a bye-bye dinner for a friend going away for three months, so it was a special occasion. Food was good, atmosphere was fun... i miss going out to eat all the time, but it does seem more special now!

The John Dory

Tuesday, January 13


nothing settles my stomach better than camomile tea... it also makes me sleepy, which isn't the best thing at work, but i think soothing the stomach and sleepiness go hand-in-hand.

i spent much of last night lying half awake, with my stomach rumbling! i ended up taking some seirogan and i was able to go back to sleep.

okay, i think seirogan settles my stomach better than camomile.

Sunday, January 11

thanks smitten kitchen!

this weekend will be remembered as 'pizza weekend'. although no where near perfection, we were able to make food, in our oven... that was actually tasty!! thanks to smitten kitchen for the inspiration and the recipes... i've really got the confidence to use our oven more!!

Friday, January 9

i'm sick

and these remedies are not working....

hope to be out taking pictures in the snow tomorrow though.

any plans for the weekend??

(except rooting for the ravens on saturday?)

Thursday, January 8

+ = $

not feeling so "flush" at the mo...

speaking of "mo", that is the sound that cows make in japan (or in Japanese)... as opposed to the "moo" sound they make here.

by the way, it's the year of the cow

Monday, January 5

sly cat

i really like cats. and especially now more than ever... for a couple of reasons. seems like both J and i are allergic to dogs (or maybe rabbits, can't tell) so... cats it is. well, good thing because i've always liked cats more.

anyway, over the holiday, i met a very sly/cunning kitty! her name is Tara (named after the japanese word for cod). she is still a kitten, but she is really brilliant!

J noticed that one of my rings was missing off of our bedside table (2nd floor bedroom) and we looked all over the room (wall-to-wall carpet) thinking she wouldn't be able to slide/scoot it into another room due to the carpet.

We continued to look all over the house, upstairs and downstairs. I gave up looking... i figured that if it was meant to be found, it would show up...

Both J and my mom had seen Tara wandering around our room, looking mischievous. so, we asked her, followed her around the house for any hiding spots, and tried to re-enact the 'robbery'. she wouldn't cooperate. but she quickly became the prime suspect when she picked up one of my other rings in her mouth (something i thought a cat would not do) and walked a few steps.

the next day, J followed Tara down to the basement, low and behold, my ring, under a large carpet, with a bunch of other 'loot'.

i keep trying to picture her carrying my ring in her mouth, down two flights of stairs... to a room that has a smooth floor, so that she could get her play on. unbelievable, right?

Sunday, January 4


i've been wearing glasses a lot more often these days. i think it is a combination of dry weather (winter = heater = dry air) + diposable contacts (i somehow used to be pressured into wearing my 2-week disposables more often, to get more use out of them, but now that i have 1-day disposables, i can go days/weeks without wearing contacts and not have an ounce of guilt about my contact lenses) + happy with my new glasses.

thanks to Daytum for allowing me to obsessively track this part of my life.

here's (hopefully) to another happily obsessed year!


maki zushi dinner

surf & turf (and potatoes)


mille feuille