Sunday, December 13

craft project: making envelopes

I needed to make gift tags for presents at work (we usually buy, but i am trying to save money)... so! i decided to make some.

We have endless supply of scrap paper and with some glue, a ruler and scissors, i was able to make some small envelopes.

yes, this is pretty straight forward and simple...

cut squares or rectangles of paper (mine were 5" X 5 1/2"). Fold one side in so the edge is slightly over the center of the paper. with the other side, fold over, so there is about 1/4" overlap (enough space to put some glue). Using a ruler as a tear-bar, hold about 1/2" from one edge and tear both overlap sides. Do the same to the other edge, but hold the ruler about 1" from edge.

glue the overlapping sides (becareful not to put too much glue)

cut the 'legs' off

glue the smaller (bottom) flap

fold over the top flap and your done!

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