Thursday, December 31

My year in cities, 2009

Boston, MA
Rome, IT
Summit, NY
Boothbay, ME
Baltimore, MD

copying Kottke

see 2008

Sunday, December 27


... after a long drive (was supposed to be 3.5 hours, but with traffic, ended up almost 7 hours!)

Wednesday, December 23

Sunday, December 20

snow storm!

the beginning

watching news being recorded

Central Park

watching TV of a live snowball fight at Times Square

pretty patches of the ground showing through, where the wind cleared the snow off

fountains still running, while ice forms on the edges

snow creeping into stores

fake snow and real snow

view through glass blocks

kind of looks like a painting, right?

Saturday, December 19

yesterday's outfit

i was wearing so many layers yesterday, i wanted to document this.

here is the making of...

drawing make with Brushes

Wednesday, December 16

christmas tree

nice and sparkley, right?

look a little closer...

it's a bunch of broken up cds...

and video tape for the ground...

weird? i thought so too! I like my Christmas trees to be classic.

at the Chelsea Market

Sunday, December 13

craft project: making envelopes

I needed to make gift tags for presents at work (we usually buy, but i am trying to save money)... so! i decided to make some.

We have endless supply of scrap paper and with some glue, a ruler and scissors, i was able to make some small envelopes.

yes, this is pretty straight forward and simple...

cut squares or rectangles of paper (mine were 5" X 5 1/2"). Fold one side in so the edge is slightly over the center of the paper. with the other side, fold over, so there is about 1/4" overlap (enough space to put some glue). Using a ruler as a tear-bar, hold about 1/2" from one edge and tear both overlap sides. Do the same to the other edge, but hold the ruler about 1" from edge.

glue the overlapping sides (becareful not to put too much glue)

cut the 'legs' off

glue the smaller (bottom) flap

fold over the top flap and your done!

Saturday, December 12

yummy trucks

I'm kind of infatuated with food trucks

i've been hoping to 'bump into' this one for some time now

pretty straight forward menu (two different kinds of waffles) with a wide variety of 'dinges' (toppings)

is your mouth watering yet? Go find Wafels & Dinges

Wednesday, December 9

Tuesday, December 8

The Nostalgia Train

feeling nostalgic? well, you can ride an old new york city subway train for the next two sundays.

Josh and i waited over an hour... but it was well worth the wait!

The train has a car that was made in the 1930's and still runs great. Pretty dingy and very gothic!

Sunday, December 6

New Amsterdam Market

THE best chocolates

a gift from Nate and Melody (Thanks!).

Now i'm trying to figure out an excuse to go buy a box of these for myself!

Bespoke Chocolates

Saturday, December 5

rain and/or snow

what to wear today? (I tend to think about these things for way too long)

It's supposed to rain then turn to snow, but with no accumulation. But, with forecasts, nothing is definite. so... do i risk it, and wear regular shoes, or should i wear my rain boots? This will drastically limit my clothing choices...

yeah... it's a slow saturday morning....

Thursday, December 3

Alighiero Boetti

There is a nice show currently at Gladstone Gallery.

I've seen a couple of his embroidery Mappa works, but never so many all at once! It's very impressive and nice to see the differences in the colors/thread used.

The tapestries are accompanied with a small group of photographs taken of the people (in Afghanistan or Pakistan) that made the artwork.