Monday, October 19

this weekend i...

... went to Meet The Breeds

a Siberian

a Selkirk Rex

a calico Persian

a Maine Coon

an American Shorthair

a Tonkinese

another American Shorthair (not sure about this one)

a Somali (probably my favorite)

Yes, there were some dog there as well (160 breeds, give or take) but i went to see the cats.

It was hard to take pictures of the cats, mostly because the lighting at the Javitz Center is poor, and also, cats don't really want to sit still.

I can't wait until next year!!


mari said...

ohhhh so cute.
it's like a dream world for meee

it's only happening once a year?

yuko said...

hi mari! yes, the cat and dog show is once a year (this year was the first year). next year lets go together! it was so much fun to see all the kitties!